How To: Deluxe Clip Ins, Bronze Brown

How To: Deluxe Clip Ins, Bronze Brown



Thanks to social media we all know the insider secrets of the stars and how easily they can change up their short hair to long luscious locks.

The team at Minque Hair Extensions are excited to share with you just how quick and easy it is to look a million dollars in just a few simple steps using our Deluxe Clip in Hair Extensions in 22”.

Before and After of Minque Hair Extensions


It really is as easy as following the few steps below:

 1. Once you have unpacked your 22” Minque Hair clip in hair extensions and have laid them out you will clearly see there are 5 pieces in total:

 2 x 2 clips (small)

 2 x 3 clips (medium)

 1 x 4 clips (large)




Minque Clip In Hair Extensions

2. Applying your hair extensions starting from the bottom and working upwards will always help to keep the sections neater and application time shorter.

3. For maximum comfort and looks we recommend you place the pieces in the following order to help blend out your hairstyle:

Bottom: Start with making a section from the top of one ear to the other, this is where your first 3 clip (medium) piece will go.

For the second 3 clip (medium) piece make a section 1-2cm higher than the bottom piece and repeat the process.

Middle: The (large) piece will be placed in a section roughly 4 cm above the tops of the ear.

Top: Finally, the two (small) pieces work best when placed 4-5cms below the part line and this helps to blend out front layers and shorter layers on top.


4. Simply section neatly from one side of the head to the other, and secure the top section up and out of the way.

Back combing along the bottom side of the part line where the clips will sit, then slide in the Minque Hair 22” Extension clips in and flick them closed to secure them.


If you are still unsure you can view our video tutorial here: 
Once all the hair extensions have been secured and you have brushed your own hair in with the extension hair to ensure a seamless blend, you can now start the fun part, Styling.
For the latest fun and easy ways to style in your Clip in extensions, you can also click the link below and choose from lots of great Minque Hair tutorials.
 We hope you love wearing your Minque Hair clip in extensions and the endless possibilities that they bring to your glamorous new look.
Changing things up has never been so quick and easy. For more on our amazing hair range, you can view it here
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Minque Deluxe Clip In Hair Extensions in Brown

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