Can I dye or bleach my hair extensions?

Can I dye or bleach my hair extensions?

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If you are worried that your hair won't match any of the shades we offer, don't worry! We use Remy Human Hair for all of our Hair Extensions which means you can dye and tone your Minque extensions darker as this will not damage the hair.

If you want to do this we recommend getting a qualified professional to dye your extensions, and testing one weft prior to dying/toning an entire set. While you can dye your hair extensions darker we do not recommend bleaching or lightening your hair extensions. So, if you are in-between shades we recommend choosing the lighter option and have them dyed darker by a professional. 

The reason that we do not recommend bleaching your Hair Extensions is because they have already been dyed during our manufacturing process and you don't want to put extra stress on the hair. Please also keep in mind then when you are dying your Hair Extensions, they have already been coloured, so the colour may come out different than expected. Any bleaching is done at your discretion and we cannot be held accountable for any mistakes made during this process.

Check out the gorgeous Shani Grimmond and Lily Brown who both wear custom coloured Minque Hair Extensions!

Shani Grimmond wearing Minque Ponytail Hair Extensions

If you are wanting your Minque Hair Extensions custom coloured to your hair shade we recommend out Stockist Kiki Hair Extensions salons located in Australia, Brisbane and Melbourne. To book an appointment with one of there salons please visit:


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