10 reasons you need Balayage Tape Hair Extensions this summer

10 reasons you need Balayage Tape Hair Extensions this summer

Tape hair extensions have been the most popular form of 'enhancing' your own hair for a while now here at Minque hair.   We proudly stock several forms of hair extensions ranging from non-permanent clip on hair extensions, tape, halo, weft, and microbeads. Today we'll be focusing on our balayage tape extensions.  When you buy from Minque you can be sure you are buying from an Australian company, who only stock the best quality Remy human hair.

If you're all up to speed on what tape extensions are because you jumped on the tape hair extensions when they first came in, good for you! 

If you are new to hair extensions here's a quick rundown on what they are and why you need them in your life this summer, in particular, our balayage tape extensions. 

balayage tape hair extensions australia

Photo source: Minque Hair

1) Tape extensions last and last

Tape extensions are a fantastic little invention of 1-inch bundles of hair that are adhered to your own hair by a thin film of glue, or 'tape' as it were. They get their name as the method used to place them onto your hair is similar to how you would use sticky tape. To achieve the best result and reduce maintenance or slipping of the tape, we do recommend you have them placed in your hair by a qualified hairdresser.

2) Less time at the hairdressers

It's time to start getting ready for summer and the warmer it gets out there, the less time you want to spend at the hairdresser. Thanks to our balayage hair extensions you will achieve that sun kissed ombre glow in less than an hour! 

That wasn't a typo - less than an hour! The tape is strong enough to keep in your extensions for up to 2-3 months! Amazing. As long as they are placed correctly by a qualified hairdresser, the extensions will grow with your own hair which means less work for you. 

balayage hair extensions australia

Photo source: Minque Hair

3) Hair on fleek from the moment you wake up

Again, as the warmer climate finally joins us, you want to get up and out of the house as soon as humanly possible.  One less thing you will have to worry about once you invest in balayage extensions is extra time on your hair, due to the volume and beautiful colour a quick brush will do it.  As mentioned above also, your tapes will last you anywhere between 2-3 months. 

tape extensions australia

Photo source: Minque Hair

4) Choose your balayage style

We stock a variety of balayage tape hair extensions, so you are sure to find the shade, length and volume that will suit you and your hair. If you're not sure what colour you should choose, you can use our 'shade selector' form which will guide you through the process.  You can find that here: Find My Shade 

Our tape extensions also come in two lengths: 20 or 26 inch. Want super long hair? Go the 26 inch.  Just a bit more length? the 20 inch is for you. 

You can also choose how much extra volume you will end up with. Options include half head (20 pieces), full head (40 pieces), full head and a half (60 pieces) and finally 2 full heads (80 pieces) 

Photo source: Minque Hair

(L: 20 inch, R: 26 inch)

5) Take your mane to the next level

You won't believe how amazing your hair will look once you add in your balayage tape extensions.  Not only will it not have the beautiful subtlety of balayage, but it will also suddenly become as gorgeous and volumous as the mane of your favourite celeb.  Of course, your own hair is beautiful just on its own, but like many other aspects of beauty, sometimes it just needs a little extra help. 


6) Balayage is perfect for summer

Have you ever been envious of that natural beautiful shades of colour in the hair of little girls?  No? Just me?  Well, your balayage extensions will achieve exactly that, gorgeous shades of colour that will make it look like you've methodically sunned your hair, or spent hours at the hairdresser.  This sun kissed look and summer go hand in hand, don't you think?


Photo source: Minque Hair

7) Balayage tape will make you feel like you are constantly on holidays

There is something about lighter hair that makes you feel more carefree if you ask me.  Couple that with the fact that you will barely need to touch up your hair for the whole of summer, you, my friend, are going to feel like you are on holidays. 

Photo source: Minque Hair

8) Perfectly complement your spring/summer wardrobe

Ahh how I've longed for the spring summer clothing ranges.  Balayage hair and summer outfits are a perfect match. Think cute little dress and dreamy balayage waves, or a singlet/ denim skirt combo with a cool looking braid.

9) Balayage tape extensions are beach friendly

I'm definitely planning to hit the beach come the warmer weather, so if you are planning to do the same and are worried that your balayage tape extensions may not fit into this plan - don't be.  Your balayage extensions are tough, baby.  If you are planning on being directly in the sun, make sure you accessorise your locks with a hat, as over exposure to sun may lessen the lifespan of your hair extensions. But you're already a sun smart girl right? 

Photo source: Minque Hair

10) Your hair styles will look ridiculously fabulous.

I've saved the best for last.  Having a fuller balayage mane means that you can experiment with any hairstyle and it will instantly look more interesting with minimal effort.  The combination of your newly thick, healthy ombre style will catch the eye of everyone! 

Some particular hairstyles that are amazing in displaying your gorgeous balayage are curls, waves and plaits. 

balayage tape extensions

Photo source: Minque Hair

A loose beach wave is a style I've always loved, the soft waves are perfect to frame your relaxed summer face. You can view our blog on how to create a perfect wave or curl here 

And you don't want to miss out on the wonder of braids either, so here’s a great style that will make your friends think you moonlight as a hairdresser, or live at the hairdressers.

This beautiful braided hairstyle is a breeze with the extra volume our balayage tape extensions add to your own hair. To achieve this look:

  • To begin, you will need a few elastics, a brush and some hairspray if you have any flyaways to tame.
  • Gently comb your hair.
  • Gather and tie your hair up in your ponytail so that you can begin your plait. 
  • Divide your hair into three sections and wind them beginning from left to right, not too tight. Fasten at the end.
  • To create the love heart effect, swing the plait to the side so that you can see it. Start slightly pulling out the sections of the plait, top down.


Photo source: Minque Hair

That's a wrap on the top 10 reasons you need balayage tape extensions in your hair this summer, here's a refresher for you in case you'd forgotten

You need them because: 

  • They last
  • Less time at hairdressers
  • Great hair from the moment you wake
  • Customise your balayage look to suit you
  • Next level great hair
  • Perfect for summer 
  • Gives you a holiday vibe
  • Balayage and summer outfits work
  • Beach friendly
  • Awesome hairstyles

I hope they are reason enough for you to add them to your must-have's.

Here's a link to all of our balayage tape extensions, happy shopping!  

Liked this blog or have any suggestions? To contact us about this blog, or to inquire about any of our products or services, please click here, we always love hearing from you!

‘Til Next Time
Your in hair,
Minque x


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