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Five Easy Ways to Curl Your Minque Hair Extensions

Five Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair Extensions


This season’s most popular look is all about the messy/boho wave and it looks absolutely amazing when you are wearing your Minque Hair Extensions. We wanted to show you 5 easy ways to achieve a curl in your hair that can then be brushed into a messy wave. This way you can go from polished to casual sexy in just seconds.


#1 Curling Wand

Probably the most popular way to curl hair these days as it is easy to learn and holds the curls in for so long.Simply section the hair into 3 horizontal sections and  then split each row into 4-6 sections depending on how tight you would like the outcome. Simply wrap the hair around the wand (rotating away from the face) and count to 7. Slide the tong out and hold the curl up high to let cool. Complete the whole head then either brush out with a brush or your fingers for the best bouncy curls.


#2 Straightener

This is a bit more technical than using the wand/tong but can often be completed quicker. Once again section the hair. As above, into 3 horizontal sections and then split it into 4-6 sections along the part. Clamp the straighteners near the root and proceed to twist the plate around by 180-220 degrees, then gently pull your Hair Extensions straight down.


#3 Hair Dryer

This technique is great for a tousled look and so easy to do, even if you aren’t very skilled in the hair department. This style achieves the best result with your Hair Extensions when you follow these steps: Towel dry hair, place mousse or curl defining cream throughout and brush through. We recommend blast drying your hair upside down till it is about 80% dry. Then section the head horizontally into 3 sections. We like to divide each section into 4 and then one at a time twist the hair outwards into a rope. Hold the bottom and blow dry downwards until 100% dry. Without unwrapping leave each twist to cool until you have finished the whole head then gently unwrap and spray with hairspray.

Easy hair extension tutorials | Hair extension hairstyles

#4 Headband Loop

Style your hair while you sleep. Is this not a dream come true. This is a great no heat required style. All you will need is a fabric headband and you are ready to go. Simply place the headband on over the top of your hair and sit it above the ears.
You will then need to loop your hair up and around the top of the band starting on the right hand side and working your way through to the left. Continue to loop it until all the hair has been wrapped around the band and then you are ready to hop into bed. After a full nights rest, take the hair out of the headband and you can run your fingers through and apply some serum and your Minque Hair Extensions. How easy is that!

Easy hair extension tutorials | Hair extension hairstyles

#5 Space Buns

This works on a similar premise to the style above and looks much like the space buns hairstyle that Gwen Stefani used to wear. 2 - 4 twists wrapped up into buns on the head, slept in will then create a gorgeous wave with virtually no effort and no heat required.


Easy hair extension tutorials | Hair extension hairstyles
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