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5 Really Easy Ways To Curl Your Hair

So now that we've established why you need Minque hair extensions in your life, you're going to need some styling tips. 

Of course, wearing them straight looks amazing, but I've always found that wearing them curly is a much more natural (and sexy!) way of styling hair extensions

Curling your hair helps blend the extensions into your your natural hair and it shows the colour of your extensions off better, especially if you've chosen to go with the balayage option.

There are many different ways to curl your extensions, we'll be covering the 5 easiest methods in this blog, but here's a couple of tips before we begin.   



First things first (I'm a realist. Kidding. But you totally sang that in your head), you're going to need a curling iron. 

If you can invest in a curling iron that comes with barrels that are interchangeable, this is highly recommended. The reason for this is that different styles of curling require different barrel widths, i.e if you're wanting a loose curl, wave or tight curls, you'll need a couple of different sizes to achieve this. 

If not, don't stress. If you can get a standard sized oval shaped barrel (about 25mm-38mm), there are a couple of techniques you can try to achieve the look you want. 


ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray when applying a styling tool your hair.

Even when the appliance claims to be have metal plates infused with the rarest form of moisture injection particles found at the foothills of the Himalayas. Trust me. 


Set your curls with some form of styling product, whether it's a hairspray or a mousse.

You need not be heavy handed with either, especially when some of the techniques explained below are quite natural looking. If you're concerned that your hair might drop throughout the day or night, try a light spritz of hairspray before you start curling, then top it up at the end before running your fingers through the style to finish it off. 


Ok. Now let's get started.  



This is the perfect look to create using your Hair Extensions. Start by taking a medium section of hair and apply the barrel just below your eyeline. Wrap your hair around the wand, away from your face, leaving a small piece of hair free at the bottom, and hold it for 15-20 seconds (any less than this and your curl won't hold). Once you've set the top part of the curl by holding it in your hand, wrap the uncurled section of hair towards your face, hold in place for 15-20 seconds and allow it to set in your hand before dropping the hair. The reason for doing this is because natural curls do not have have one specific way of falling, one strand of hair that is naturally curly will curl in a couple of different directions.

(Good Lorde, her hair looks on point)





Again, start by taking a medium section of hair, about 1/4 to 1/2 way down your hair. Wrap the hair flat against the curling iron, making sure there are no spaces in between the hair (i.e none of the curling wand plate is visible). Hold in place for 10-15 seconds and set in the palm of your hand. The finish of this one will be a bit tighter than the natural curl, if you would like to loosen them a little bit, run your fingers through the curl after you've finished the entire head and set with hairspray. 

 (Yes Tay-Tay, we're lovin' them curls too)





If you took my previous advice and invested in an interchangeable barrel curling wand (try saying that 5 times!), this would be the time to swap to the largest barrel for the smallest one. If you only have a one width curling wand, no problems! You can still achieve this look, you just have to use smaller sections of hair while curling. This technique starts off with taking a section of hair (remember, smaller sections if you have a bigger curling wand), but this time, start curling your hair closer to the crown of your head, and away from your face. You also leave spaces between the hair on the wand this time (i.e parts of the curling wand plate are visible). 

 (You'll be smizing too when your curls look that good) 







This is definitely a fave. Perfect for when you haven't got much time, but still want to add a bit of shape into your hair. You can use thicker sections for this style and, instead of keeping the barrel in one place, you slide it up and down the length of the section of hair for same amount of time, 10-15 seconds, and then hold it to set into the palm of your hand. 

 (Victoria's Secret is out... when it comes to loose curls anyways)





Start with a medium section of hair, and apply the barrel fairly close to the top of your head. This is a blend of a couple of techniques used previously. As you wrap the hair around the wand, you leave a bit of space between the hair, so that there are parts of the cylinder still visible. You will move the wand up and down the section of hair, but not curling your hair all the way to the bottom. The end piece will be left a little bit straighter, leaving you with gorgeous, beach girl looking hair. 







Visit the Minque website for all your hair extension needs. You'll also find that we have great haircare products to keep your extensions in prime condition. 


Thanks for reading ladies.

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Lots of love,

Minque hair xx 







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