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Minque Hair Extensions: Why You Need Them In Your Life Immediately

So, we're into the 4th month of 2018 and you've finally decided to start on the "new me" part of that mantra we all like to adopt. And while the fresh diet and exercise routine promise fell away on January 2nd, you've now decided that a hair revamp is probably the best (and easiest!) way to achieve this.

But what to do for the new 'do? A colour maybe? Some length? Or maybe you want to brave the chop, but aren't 100% sure if you'll like the result. 

The answer is simple. Hair extensions  with a little help from us here at Minque

Clip In Hair Extensions | Types of Hair Extensions


Minque hair extensions are the solution for all the above questions.

If you have shorter hair, they add length.

If you want to experiment with different colours, there are a multitude of options you can choose from, from block colours, to balayage.

There are temporary methods of extensions you can apply if you've had a haircut but want to have the option of long hair, or if you've had a bad experience at the hairdresser and want to hide the fact that Edward Scissorhands cut your hair. 

In this blog we're going to look at the reasons why you should invest in Minque's hair extensions and also go into the various types of hair extension methods to suit your every need. 

Before we delve into the reasons why you should invest in Minque hair extensions, let's have a look at what the different options are. 



These are one of the easiest methods of extensions to try. They take about 5 minutes to apply and less than half the time to remove. They add instant volume and length, come in a variety of colours and 22 and 26 inch lengths. 

Clip In Hair Extensions | Types of Hair Extensions



Super easy to apply without the need of heat, glue, clips, tapes or weaves. They are fitted to an invisible wire that is worn on top of your hair, just like a halo, with your own natural hair being pulled through and over the wire. Halo Hair Extensions are also incredibly comfortable to wear as the wire is both lightweight and thin, and they will not damage your hair. Available in a 20 and 26 inch length and a variety of colours. 


Halo Hair Extensions




This is a great option for someone who wants to add a bit of drama for a special occasion. Easy to apply, it too comes in a variety of colours and 22 and 26 inch lengths.


Clip In Hair Extensions | Types of Hair Extensions 



Tape extensions are a great, non damaging method of adding length to your hair. They sit flat on the head and, as a result, are undetectable when worn. You can easily put your hair up with this method without worrying that it will look like you're wearing extensions. Available in a variety of shades and 20 and 26 inch lengths. 

Clip In Hair Extensions | Types of Hair Extensions



The term weft simply means a line of hair which can be sewn, braided, weaved or beaded into your natural hair. Available in a selection of 30 different hair colours and 3 lengths, wefts are long lasting and requires less upkeep than other extension methods. Quality stitching to ensure a seamless finish with a durable and long lasting attachment method. Available in 22 inch and 26 inch lengths and a multitude of colours. 

Clip In Hair Extensions | Types of Hair Extensions

These methods use either a bead or heat to attach the strand of hair to your natural hair. Both are completely undetectable and have maximum flexibility, meaning you can wear your hair up and no one would know they're there. Can be straightened, curled and styled. Both methods are available in a 20 and 26 inch length. 
Now that you have a better understanding about what methods to choose from, let's have a look at why you need to try our Minque extensions.


1) They're a fun way to change up your look

Do you have shorter hair or has your hair has gotten to that in between stage?

You know what I'm talking about? Too long to call it short hair but too short to flip it like Beyonce.

Clip in or halo extensions are the best option for this problem. They're temporary, you can clip/slip them in or out with the greatest of ease. They are available in different lengths and a variety of colours. If you weren't interested in a full head of hair, a ponytail extension option might be the way to go for you. 


2) They add thickness and volume if you have fine hair, or even if you just want thicker hair

Some people make the mistake of thinking that hair extensions are purely for people with short hair.

The thing is, they're not.

You can add volume and length to your hair if it's fine, or even if you have long hair and you're looking for even more volume, hair extensions can add to that. There's nothing stopping you from having a mane worthy of strutting down a Victoria's Secret runway.

You do you boo. Live your best life.

Recommended method: Weft, Tape, Halo and Clip-in. 



3) You can experiment with colour

With the amount of colour options available at Minque, you are bound to find one you love. If you're tired of the one colour your hair has been for years, give the balayage extensions a go.

They are the best way to add a fresh colour in without doing any damage to your own hair. Recommended method: Clip in balayage or tape balayage 


4) They're value for money

Let's be honest, we get all excited by the thought of saying "New hair, who dis?" but before we envisage putting the caption on that new Insta post, we get put off by one thing. Dollar signs. It does seem like a fair chunk of change to be paying in one hit, but that's just the thing, you need not pay it all at once. Minque offers both  and  options via the website, so you can get all the benefits of whipping your hair back and forth, while paying it off in instalments. 


5) YOU'LL. FEEL. AMAZING. (And you deserve to)

This reason is not to be underestimated.

That new hair feeling you get once your extensions have been applied and styled is the absolute best and should be felt every single day. Have you ever noticed why those people stop and stare at you once you've left a hairdressing salon? They don't know you just got your hairs did. But what they do notice is that you're walking a little taller and in a more confident manner.

If you're going to choose a reason to make you invest in some Minque hair extensions, let it be this one.  So there you have it. All the information you need to go forth and expand your look with.   They'll be calling you Becky before you know it. 

If you'd like to try these methods, here is a link to the website 

Also, comment, like and share! 

Thanks for reading girls,

Lots of love, 

Minque hair xx



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