5 Simple Tips to Make Choosing Your Hair Extensions Effortless

5 Simple Tips to Make Choosing Your Hair Extensions Effortless

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You're finally biting the bullet and getting hair extensions...girl what took you so long! But now which extensions are right for you? Just follow these 5 simple steps and we'll help you to make that choice effortless!

1. Check your shade!

You may want the exact same hair as your bestie with the #hairgoals but unfortunately choosing the same shade as her isn't going to benefit you! Choose your shade by looking at your ends first, this shade will be the most accurate and blend easier with our extensions! Alternatively hit us up! We'd love to help you find your shade just email us at: info@minquehair.com with a few of your favourite selfies.

2. Check your length!

Not all extensions are going to blend the same, as much as we wish they would! If you have shorter hair we recommend our clip in hair extensions these will help to blend your short hair easily. If you have longer hair, girl the world is your oyster!

3. Check your cut!

Do you have a blunt cut? This is super important girl, if you do not intend of cutting your hair into your hair extensions with a blunt cut we recommend clip ins these will blend a lot more easily with a blunt hair cut over a halo. However, we do recommend getting them cut in regardless to have a seamless blend.

4. What are you really after?

Do you want hair extensions for length? for volume or to glam up your look? Do you want gorgeous hair in just a few seconds maybe you're always running late or just don't have time for hair in the morning? Really think about these things before making a decision!

- If you want long, lush hair we offer 20 or 26 inch lengths.

- For volume we recommend our 220g sets

- For babes running late we recommend our halos

5. Ask the experts

If you really are unsure which extensions to choose, or which ones are right for your hair type just contact us, we'd be more then happy to help!

Minque x


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