6 Hairstyles You Can Re-Create with Hair Extensions

6 Hairstyles You Can Re-Create with Hair Extensions

Have you ever seen someone on Instagram with the most perfect hairstyle that you would LOVE to recreate?

We see it all the time when we’re scrolling, so we thought why not share our favourites and give you the insider scoop as to how you can achieve those bomb af looks with your own Minque Hair Extensions.

1. The slick high pony

This has been one of our fave looks over our Instagram lately from influencers to Kylie Jenner at her 21st Birthday bash! This chic and effortless look can easily be recreated using ponytail hair extensions! Just create a ponytail with your natural hair and apply your Minque ponytail over the top! It's that simple!

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2. Braid/rope bun

Recreate this look on Tammy Hembrow with hair extensions! Just loosely braid or plait your hair twist and arrange into the desired bun size before holding in place with bobby pins!

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3. Loose bouncy waves

We've been obsessed with this look and now you can re-create it! Create loose bouncy waves with your hair extensions in just a few simple steps! First apply your hair extensions, taking a curling wand gently curl small sections away from your face. Use hairspray to hold each curl before gently brushing through the curls. Smooth down any frizz with a hydrating hair-oil!

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