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Seven Reasons Why You Need Minque Hair Extensions

Seven Reasons Why You Need Minque Hair Extensions

Hair Extension transformation

1. The glamour

As girls, we have so many little helpers and tricks to get us ready and look our best when going out. Eyelashes, makeup, shapewear and even dry shampoo etc. but it’s hard to imagine pulling any of those great looks together without the perfect luscious hair do to finish it.

There really is no excuse for flat limp hair when it’s so easy and takes only 3 minutes to clip in a set of gorgeous Minque Hair extensions. Using our 22” Deluxe clip in range which weighs 220g you can transform your look from smart lob to glamazon in such a small amount of time.


2. The ease of holding a style

Being time poor is a great reason to invest in your very own Minque Hair Extensions.

Not only are they super quick to pop in, but they will hold a style much better and longer than our own hair does.

 This way you can even pop your extensions in before work and style them up a treat and all you have to do at the end of your work day is do a quick clothing change and refresh your lippy and your good to go.


3. Affordable and great quality

Minque Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remi human hair and are designed to last the distance. Providing you are following the care instructions carefully you will be able to maintain gorgeous locks at a super affordable price for many months and even years.


4.Variety without damage

Possibly one of the greatest reasons for using our hair extensions is the variety.

No need to bleach those ends or keep stripping out those bright fashion colours time after time.

 All you have to do is visit our colour range page and look at all the great options. The best idea for a commitment free balayage and can even give the look of foils.

Check out our amazingly popular ombre range for colour options without the damage.

Hair extension colour range

5. Grow your hair out

We have all tried a new hairdresser at least once or got carried away talking and then walked out with a less than ideal haircut. Probably some of us more than once. Well this is the perfect time for a set of Minque Hair Extensions. No need to cut those horrible layers out or cut length off in order to make your new hairdo even, simply jump on to our order page and browse all the great options to help you look amazing while growing out that experience.

6. They are easy to order

Here at Minque Hair we don’t have time to be making a fuss over our hair choices.

We want great hair and we want it now.

That’s why we have designed our order page to take your only a minute or two to select your colour, length and density preferences before checking out with either your card or After pay and we will have those gorgeous extensions out to you asap.

Make sure you select the right postage method to ensure you get them before your big event.

7. The support

Trouble selecting a colour, length or thickness? Not a problem! Just email us at with a picture and we will walk you through your best options.

Want help or some inspiration on styling your lush lengths? Just head on over to our Youtube channel via the link below and see all the great tutorials we have made for you.

Not quite right and you need to swap it over or send them back? Easy! Simply make sure you have not removed the warranty seal and follow the instructions on the leaflet provided.

Want to tell us how amazing your hair is and how great it makes you feel? Jump in line, or should we say online. Feel free to tag us in your pics with #minquehair or even leave us a review. We have great offers for those girls who love to spread the joy and let their friends know how much they love their Minque Hair Extensions.

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