7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine

7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine

After the big fitness and healthy lifestyle craze of 2016 and 2017, the world is well aware of the magical oil that we obtain from coconuts. But how can we use this amazing stuff in our beauty routines? If you gave in to the trend and have just purchased your own jar of coconut oil but have no clue how to use it or even its benefits, then this is the guide for you. 

One of the best uses of coconut oil is it's involvement in our beauty routines. It can be used for and on pretty much everything due to it's naturally gentle qualities. The possibilities are endless in its uses across all of the different aspects of your beauty routine. 

So keep on reading to find out 7 ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine. You will be wowed at how effective and easy it is, it will become a favourite beauty staple in no time. 

TIP: Only use organic virgin coconut oil, as it's more natural, therefore better quality and better for you.


1. Hair Treatment


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Coconut oil is extensively hydrating, making it the perfect thing for a much needed deeply moisturising hair treatment. Simply heat up coconut oil (if it isn't already liquified from the Queensland weather) by filling a large bowl with hot water. Place 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a small bowl and place this inside the larger bowl with the water. The oil will melt quickly. As it is going on your scalp, remember to check that it isn't too hot.

Spread the oil from roots to ends and leave for 30 to 60 mins. Wash out, then shampoo and condition as normal. Your hair will be feeling silky soft. Coconut oil will treat split ends and bring a healthy glow to your hair. This is a great treatment for those that suffer from dandruff as it hydrates the scalp fantastically. 

Another amazing hair hydrator is our Hydrate Hair Extensions Masque, which will leave your hair feeling enriched and restored. 


2. Skin Moisturiser 

One of the most important parts of any beauty routine - moisturising your skin. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, as well as incredibly gentle on your skin. This has given coconut oil quite the reputation as a great skin moisturiser and here at Minque, we couldn't agree more. It also has anti-inflammation properties so it's great for those who suffer from eczema, it will ease that itch no time. 

To use coconut oil as a moisturiser, simply grab as much as you need and rub all over your skin. A lot goes a long way, so just use a little first and see how quickly your skin soaks it up. The best part? You will smell like the Bahamas all day. 


3. Hair Detangler 

Coconut oil is so versatile when it comes to its benefits. One of these includes its ability to work as a way to get out those nasty tangles. As anyone with longer hair knows, tangles are the enemy. They start off as a tiny little knot and then all of a sudden, you think the only answer is to get out the scissors. Coconut oil works as a detangler through its ability to penetrate the strands of hair, as well as surrounding them in a veil of moisture. This allows for the tangle to softly fall away - amazing.

To use coconut oil as a detangler simply get a small amount and spread it over the hair, concentrating on the tangled areas. Get out your large comb and gently brush through until the tangles have melted away. We recommend using our tangler teezer brush to really get out those knots. As coconut oil is natural, it won't leave any nasty residue. So no need to wash it out; let it nourish your hair all day long.  

Have a look at our blog: Hair Guide to DIY Hair Care from Your Kitchen for more natural hacks for luscious hair. 


4. Makeup Remover

Makeup has no chance against coconut oil. Even the toughest waterproof mascara will melt away with the magic power of coconut oil. As it is naturally super gentle you don't want to worry about it stingy your skin or eyes, or drying out your skin. 

To use coconut oil to remove your makeup, grab a cotton pad and dab a small amount onto it. Then wipe away your make up with ease. You can also use coconut oil as a facial cleanser to hydrate and clear your skin. Talk about a win-win. 


5. Lip Balm


Not only is coconut oil a great skin moisturiser, but also a great moisturiser for dry cracked lips. As the winter season is upon us, dry lips develop in what feels like out of nowhere. Coconut oil is a great remedy for cracked and chapped lips on those windy winter days when your usual lip balm just isn't doing the trick. 

As coconut oil is semisolid at room temperature, why not pop some in a tin and chuck it in your bag for on the go relief. Not only does it smell great but it will last ages - the most cost efficient lip balm you've ever had. Also, as it is an oil, it gives your lips a nice glossy look rather than just balm. Pretty and practical: a winning combination.  


6. Frizz Tamer

How many of us wake up with the agony of frizzy hair? Coconut oil is an amazingly easy way to take away the frizz of your day. How easy you may ask, well THIS easy: just rub a 20piece size of coconut oil into your hair from your ears down to your ends.

Not only will your hair be frizz free, but seriously shiny. It will also continue to nourish your hair all day - especially in those cold windy days. 


7. Cheekbone Highlighter 

What can't coconut oil do? This coconut oil hack is quite surprising but definitely useful. Everyone loves a good highlighter and coconut oil is a great one. Due to it's natural properties, many organic makeup brands use it as a base ingredient in their formulas. 

Once your make up is complete, simple get a small amount onto the palm of your hand and using your fingers, sweep it across your cheeks. Suddenly your skin has a natural glow that makeup products struggle to achieve. Plus, it will hydrate your cheeks as it soaks in throughout the day. 


What is your favourite way to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine? We love hearing from you guys so be sure to tag us in your snaps of using these beauty hacks with coconut oil.





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