A Day In The Life With Clip In Hair Extensions

A Day In The Life With Clip In Hair Extensions

Ever wondered what it is like to wear our gorgeous Clip In Hair Extensions for a day?  Today we'll detail just that for you, so as to help you decide if you should add our clip hair extensions into your hair repertoire. (Spoiler alert - you totally do)

What are they?

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photo source: Minque Hair

Before we begin we'll touch on what exactly clip in hair extensions are and how you can choose the perfect ones for you.  

Clip in hair extensions are part of our non-permanent range of hair extensions, meaning they don't stay in the hair but get added in and taken out for the day.  This makes them an ideal choice for those of you wanting to dip your toes in the hair extensions world, without being tied down to the long hair and upkeep.

With your clip ins, you will receive 5 hair pieces, two that have 3 clips, one with 5 clips and two with two clips. 

Beginning your clip in journey? 


There are a few options to select for each of our hair extension ranges, clip ins are no exception. 

To choose the right ones for you, you will need to decide your preferred length, best colour fit and how natural you want to go.

Below steps will guide you through the whole process: 

Choose your length

You have the option of either 20 or 26 inch.   As you will see from the below image, 20 inches will get you above waist high hair and 26 inches will have you sitting pretty with hair at your waist.  Both options totally lovable, so go for what you will feel most comfy in.

clip in hair extensions, clip hair extensions, hair extensions Australia

photo source: Minque Hair

Choose your colour 

Now that the tough choice of the length is done, you now move onto colour.  Your best bet is to try to find the shade that will blend in with your hair the best, your choices are either block colours or our amazing balayage or foils.  If in doubt, please use our handy 'find my shade form' for assistance. 

Choose your weight

Our clip in extensions come in two weight options, which basically measures how many grams or amount of additional hair you will be adding to your own locks. 

First up is the classic with 120 grams of weight.  This option is for you babes wanting a subtle and more natural look. We find this works best for those with fine or long hair.   

My personal favourite is the deluxe option which has 220 grams of weight. This option will give you a much fuller head of hair, that is for sure.  This is best suited for those with medium or thick hair.

 Ok, now onto my not so fabulous day, but make a bit more fabulous by my ever amazing clip in extensions.

clip in extensions

photo source: Minque Hair

AM: Wake up, hair in

6.30am : Yawn.  Its so early, yet this is the time I need to be up in order to get out the door on time.  Full disclosure, this sometimes doesn't happen, but the one thing not taking a ridiculous amount of time is my hair, thanks to my clip in hair extensions. 

7.30am : Now it's time to put in my clip ins and my favourite way to do this is detailed below. 

  • First I brush my hair with my Tangle Teezer brush to ensure my hair is silky and smooth before I begin. 
  • Next up I section off the back of the hair, an inch or so and add one of the clip ins with 3 clips. 
  • I start at the middle and make sure the clips are lined up well before clipping them in.
  • Then I let down another back section and repeat above. 
  • The final section should be an inch or so below the crown of your head and this one will use the extensions with 5 clips.  
  • Again start from the middle and make sure they are straight.
  • There are now only two sections left at the front of my head.
  • I section these off at about 1 inch down from my main part line.
  • Then add the front clip ins to these two sections - this will be your 2 clip extensions.
  • All that's left is to brush all my hair to make sure it all blends. I use the tangle teezer for this also.

That's it!  Now, just make sure you leave yourself a bit more time when you are first starting out with your clip ins, it does take practice a few times to get these in within 5 minutes, but you will get there in no time! 

9.00am : It is an office day today (hence adding in the clip ins) and upon arrival I am greeted with lots of compliments about my long silky hair.  Thank you friends, I woke up like this (ha! if only) 

10.30am :  Time for a meeting and it might as well be about my clip ins, as they are the talk of the room for a few minutes!  As you can see, there is a lot of compliments about to come your way with these clip ins. 

1.00pm: Quick dash to the bathroom before lunch to check the extensions.  As predicted, they are still sitting pretty right where I placed them this morning. Time for some rice paper rolls!

3.00pm:  It may be coffee o'clock to wake me from my afternoon slump, but another quick check in the mirror tells me my clip ins are not having the same issue.  Seriously guys, if these aren't the best clip ins in Australia I don't know what would be.

clip in hair extensions, clip hair extensions, hair extensions Australia

photo source: Minque Hair

5.00pm:  Made it to knock off time and all I want to do is go home and relax with some Netflix and wine, but alas there is a Pilates class to attend, so my gym bag and I head across the road.  I am able to get my extensions out in under 3 minutes and make it in for my class on time.  Getting to the gym took effort, but not removing those clip ins. 

7.00pm: I've now showered and dressed for dinner, which is a little reunion of sorts with some old work mates.  I straighten my hair and decide more volume is needed, so back in go the extensions.  If you're curious to see a video of how other Minque ladies attach their extensions, check it out here

8.00pm: Starving! Time for some Thai, and, you guessed it, lots of love for my Minque Clip Ins!  I do confess to these ladies that I have not been blessed with such hair naturally, and once they pick their jaws up off the floor, I am sure more than one will be heading to our Minque Clip In Extensions page.

11.00pm: Oops, I'm home a bit later than planned and can barely get my makeup off my face.  Clip Ins are super easy to remove, so this is one step that takes me no time at all.  Its best not to sleep in your clip ins as you don't want the clips tugging at your hair in your sleep.  They come out so easily that this shouldn't be a problem! 

There you have it, a day in the life of my clip in extensions.  Now that I look back at it, it was a pretty full day and they didn't let me down! 

Maintenance tips for your clip ins

clip in hair extensions, clip hair extensions, hair extensions Australia

photo source: Minque Hair

I'm sure the ease of use of this type of extensions has you ready to buy some asap and you are going to want to read these tips on how to maintain your extensions first.

Brush those locks

As I mentioned earlier, the Tangle Teezer is my holy grail when it comes to brushing not only my own hair but especially my extensions.  This brush is a god send - it doesn't snag or pull on your hair, so you can use it knowing your extensions are getting nothing but love as you brush.  While your browsing our haircare range, be sure to have a look at the Tangle Ties too - they are made by the same people who make the Tangle Teezer and their ties won't snag or indent your hair! Perfect.

Wash those locks

I highly recommend using the Kiki Hydrate range to wash your extensions.  It's usually a good idea to wash them if they are starting to look a bit less shiny and silky then usual.  

Hydrate those locks

If you are wearing your extensions out in the sun, be sure to use someKiki Hydrate Leave In Moisturiser as it has UV protection which will keep the hair from aging.  You should wear a hat as an extra safeguard measure also. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about the day in the life with my clip in hair extensions and that it truly showcased to you how easy and fun they are to wear. 

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‘Til Next Time,
Yours In Hair
Minque x












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