Balayage Tape Hair Extensions: Why They Are So Popular

Balayage Tape Hair Extensions: Why They Are So Popular


There's got to be something more than those sun-kissed caramel tones that makes Minque balayage tape hair extensions so irresistible among women around the world. Like seriously, what's so special about them? Let's check out together the reasons why Minque balayage tapes are so popular. 


1)  The colour transition is seamless, natural, and timeless.

The balayage colour technique produces a blended, beautiful sun-kissed effect, where the natural highlights appear to be a few shades lighter than the actual colour of your natural hair. Balayage hair extensions are perfect when you want to achieve a natural, multi-tonal look but don’t want to get a full-colour overhaul.

Balayage displays a bespoke colour finish. Natural-looking hair will never be out of style, which is why this colour trend has remained a hit all these years. Depending on what type of result you’re looking to achieve, it’s the balayage’s ability to completely tailor the colour effect that makes it such a popular choice among women

Minque tape hair extensions come in a wide variety of balayage shades.


2) They come in a complete range of balayage shades, lengths, and volume.

We, at Minque Hair, have a full range of volume and colours for our balayage tape hair extensions. Our balayage tapes come in 20" and 26" lengths, and you can cut them to suit your current hairstyle. 

  • 20 pieces: Half Head 50grams - For volume only
  • 40 pieces: Full Head 100grams - For a more natural result
  • 60 pieces: Full Head and a Half 150grams - To extend medium or thick hair
  • 80 pieces: Two Full Heads 200grams- To extend short hair / For maximum thickness


3) They’re high-quality.  

Minque balayage hair extensions are double-drawn, made from 100% human European Remy hair, assuring you of sheer longevity and durability. They are made out of a premium-quality polyurethane top to ensure long-lasting wear. With proper care and maintenance, they make for a very good investment, because they can last up to a year of use.

Minque tape hair extensions come in a wide variety of balayage shades.

4) They’re made with durable adhesive. 

Minque balayage tape hair extensions are made with a type of adhesive that makes them durable enough to withstand hairstyling procedures, but safe enough to wear for months on end. Unlike others, the adhesive we use isn't tacky and messy during application. It is also hypoallergenic, causing no irritation even on the most sensitive of users. It allows for damage-free applications, as it doesn't involve heat or any other tool.


5) They’re lightweight.

Minque balayage tape hair extensions have become so popular because they are sleek and ultra-lightweight, not giving your follicles and scalp any strain at all. As hair is evenly distributed across the weft, the weight also gets even spread across a wide section of your own hair.

Minque tape hair extensions come in a wide variety of balayage shades.


6) They’re cost effective.

Minque balayage tape hair extensions are among the easiest methods to install, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on installation costs. Their balayage colour doesn’t wear off easily, allowing you to cut back on maintenance expenses as well.

Minque balayage tapes give you a full, thick look, and that means that you don’t have to cover your whole head in hair extensions. You only have to get a few panels to get the look that you’re hoping to achieve. Our balayage tape hair extensions can be reused and moved up every six to eight weeks.


7) They are versatile.

Minque balayage tape hair extensions are very flexible and versatile, allowing you to create sleek ponytails, braids, beachy waves, and so many more hairstyles out of them. You can wear them everywhere, in the shower, in the pool, or to the gym. Just be careful not to get in hot showers when washing your balayage tapes nor adjust your hair dryer to the highest setting especially when you’re drying the root area.

Minque tape hair extensions come in a wide variety of balayage shades.


8) They’re very safe to wear.

You may think tape hair extensions are unsafe to wear especially after hearing traumatic stories about women who ended up with a lot of breakage on their hair, or worse, bald patches on their head. Minque balayage hair extensions pose no threat to the health of your natural hair or follicles, thus are very safe to wear.

Minque tape hair extensions grow down successfully with the natural hair. Since they lie flat on your head. They don’t tangle or twist near their roots, hence there is less chance of stray hair looping around the tops. If you have fine hair, you can wear Minque tapes without having to fear about damaging your own hair or making it brittle.

9) They’re discreet.

Because of their thin and wide construction, Minque balayage tapes are the most undetectable and discreet balayage hair extensions in Australia. Their colours are very well coordinated, that they look as if they’re a real part of your natural hair. They sit flat on your head without any bulk. People who don’t know you will never be able to tell that what you’re wearing is faux hair.  

The balayage is a fun trend we would love for our clients to enjoy, especially those who are stuck in a hair colour rut for a long time. Whether you're ready for candy colour, or just wanting to experiment with highlights, we have a wide range of balayage tape hair extensions for you to choose from. Snap a picture of yourself and send it to us via email:, and we would love to help you pick the right shade. 

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