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Minque Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Different women have their own preferences when it comes to looking and staying beautiful. Some women will go with the natural makeup look while others like more extensive routines. Similarly, some will prefer short hair, some like their long, voluminous hair. This article is a great source of information for the latter. We will discuss the topic of the clip-in hair extensions, which are the artificial way of adding volume and length to  your hair! Clip-in hair extensions are commonly used by women around the world but one must know how to select the quality clip-in extensions and use them correctly.  In the following post, we will also add information about clip-in hair extensions Australia from Minque Hair; a provider of various types of high-quality hair extensions.

How To Apply Clip In Extensions | Hair extensions Tutorial

What are Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are a quick and temporary method of adding length and volume to your hair. For those who love long and full hair, this is the easiest and pain-free way of achieving the type of hair you have always wanted. There is no long-term bonding or damage to the hair, and are therefore the most popular method on the market.

The clip-in extensions are quite easy to use; they can be fixed into existing hair without much hassle. Various colors are available to make them blend conveniently with your natural hair color. Some even use clip-in hair extensions to add highlights, which is a popular hair trend across the globe.

How do Clip-in Hair Extensions Work?

While clip-in hair extensions are becoming increasingly common among hair conscious women, others remain apprehensive about using them. This apprehension can be greatly removed if women knew how these clip-in extensions actually work.

As the name suggests, these hair extensions come with clips that can be attached to the roots of the hair. They come in different pieces that feature varying widths. Each piece; also known as wefts, has a number of clips attached at the part that goes into the roots of your hair. These clips firmly hold the extensions in place so you enjoy a flawless length and volume.


Benefits of Clip-in Hair Extensions

 Highly Affordable

Clip-in hair extensions are super affordable, and last a long time if you look after them properly. They are a great alternative to permanent Hair Extensions, and you can keep them in storage when you are not wearing them.

Easy to Use

For some hair extensions, you may have to visit a salon to install them in your hair. But the clip-in hair extensions are quite easy to manage by yourself. You don’t have to follow any complicated method to put them in. The basic way is to part your hair at the nape of your neck layer by layer and put in the varying wefts of hair extensions.

Easy to Maintain

When not using the extensions, just comb the wefts like you do your natural hair. After removing them, make sure that you leave no tangles and hang them straight in a safe place. Wash them every several months to ensure that they stay nice and soft. 

No Risk of Damage

A few women seem to believe that using hair extensions frequently can damage the hair. This is quite wrong. If you maintain them properly, you have very little risk of damaging the hair. In fact, using other beauty products is more damaging because of many of them are saturated with chemical components.


How to Apply Clip-in Hair Extensions?

As compared to other types of hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are quite easy to apply. You don’t need any professional and can do it at your own convenience. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Your first step is to arrange all the stuff you will need apart from the extensions. You will require a tail comb and sectioning clips
  • You should apply the wefts layer by layer. This is the best way to get a flawless result
  • Start with the smallest and end it that way too. The wider wefts will be in the middle
  • Arrange the wefts in front of you according to size. The wefts have varying widths and there will be multiples of the same width in one package. Make piles so you can easily get your hands on the required width as you start the process
  • You should part your hair at the nape of the neck and apply the smallest weft. Then you move upwards and part the hair again. This time choose a wider weft. You will keep moving upwards until you reach the last piece, which you should be the smallest as well. You can add small sections to the sides to round off the look
  • In the end, style your clip-in hair extensions, ensuring you use a heat protector to protect your hair extensions

How To Apply Clip In Extensions | Hair extensions Tutorial How To Apply Clip In Extensions | Hair extensions Tutorial How To Apply Clip In Extensions | Hair extensions Tutorial

How to Choose the Right Clip-in Hair Extensions

Simply send us a picture of your hair in natural light on our easy to use online chat, or via our Contact Us page! One of our trained professionals will assist in finding your perfect match!

Buying Clip-in Hair Extensions

You don’t have to put much effort in finding the right seller for buying high-quality clip-in hair extensions. Minque Hair is renowned for hair extensions online in Australia.


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