Clip-in Hair Extensions: Popular Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

Clip-in Hair Extensions: Popular Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day


The rings, the gown, the entourage, the venue— there's another major thing that you need to sort out: what hair style to do with your clip-in hair extensions. Whether you are styling them all by yourself or got someone else to do the job, don’t fret now— we’ll give you one less thing to worry about. Here are some Instagram-worthy wedding hairstyle ideas for your clip-in extensions.  


Half Up Half Down with a Rose Bun

Half up half down is one of the easiest hairstyles for your Minque clip-in hair extensions.

Half up half down hairstyles are never seen to go out of style—at least not for weddings. They give you the best of both words: the sophistication that comes with an updo and the sweetness tha t comes with soft curls.

Half ups aren’t just for long-haired brides; they are suitable for short or medium-haired ones, too. Even when you don’t have enough length for your locks, you can still recreate this half up using your clip-in hair extensionsWith the help of a hairstylist, you can work your magic using a styling tool and some industry tricks. Very flexible and versatile, this hairstyle works great on other hair extensions types as well, such as tapes, halos, and weft hair extensions




Boho Waves

Boho waves are among the most elegant wedding hairstyles you can do with your clip-in hair extensions.


Boho waves are an all-time favourite regardless of the season and an easy hairstyle option not only for your clips but also for tapes, weft weaves, or even halo hair extensions. They look natural and soft. It’s their imperfections that make them an especially appealing choice for weddings. What sets them apart from beach waves is that they’re never too smooth, soft, or consistent.

These graceful, textured locks will look awesome when teamed with whimsical floral headpieces and dewy, fresh makeup. Boho waves can make your lace wedding dress look especially irresistible, whether you’re opting for a playful mini or a long, cascading one.



Luxurious Bundle

 Luxurious Bundles are a great hairstyle choice for weddings and you can definitely do them with your Minque clip-in hair extensions.

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Luxurious bundles using your Minque clip-in hair extensions are a very elegant hairstyle choice for weddings, especially when you adorn them with flowers or other hair accessories. Your hair is lifted from your face and shoulders, securely attached to the back of your head with the use of clips or pins. This hairstyle will nicely project your neck and shoulders, especially when you wear an off-shoulder gown.                                  

Tape hair extensions or other types of extensions can also make luxurious bundles significantly voluminous and beautiful, compared to merely using your natural hair. You can create a braid to make your hair look even more stunning. You can make them tightly assembled, neat, or careless and free—up to you.  


Side Braid

The Greek goddess hairstyle is one of the prettiest wedding hairstyles you can do with your weave weft hair extensions. 

 If you opt for longer clip-in hair extensions, side braids can help you achieve a gorgeous look on your wedding day easily! This hairstyle is way simpler than it looks, and a perfect complement to highlighted hair. You can accentuate your braid with flowers or other hair accessories for a majestic appeal.

The side braid updo works well for upscale weddings. Simply braid your hair on one side and swoop it with your clip-in hair extensions. To give it an extra touch, you can frame your face with loose tendrils of hair.




Greek Goddess Style

 The Greek goddess hairstyle is one of the lovely hairstyles you can do with your Minque clip-in hair extensions.

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Various Greek-inspired hairstyles, especially those with braids and curls, are created on clip-in hair extensions. They come in bizarre patterns and are interwoven into beautiful designs on the back of your head.  

The braids can be loose or tight, fixed on your hair with the use of invisible pins. The more volume and length you have on your hair extensions, the more diverse this hairstyle can be. This hairstyle is so multifaceted that it can be created on other hair extension types such as tapes or weft hair extensions as well.





The ponytail is one of the most sophisticated hairstyles you can do on your Minque ponytail clip-in hair extensions for your wedding day.

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We understand how easy it is to overthink things when it comes to your wedding day. It may be one of the biggest days of your life, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t take it easy. When you already have too many things to stress over, taking the less-is-more principle to your hairstyle may be the best way to go. Case in point: ponytail.

Sure, ponytails may have gotten a bad rap for being too simple. While they may be our go-to hairstyle on our lazy days, that doesn’t mean we can’t step it up. By getting clip-in ponytail hair extensions, you don’t have to wake up very early to be able to make it to the altar on time. All you need is less than five minutes, then you’re all set. You can opt to give it extra pizzazz by   adding some curls and teasing your hair. 


We hope you found our Minque clip-in hair extensions blog helpful, not just for yourself but also for your bride-to-be friends or family members. Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on the box below. We would also love to know how we can help you achieve your hair goals on your BIG day. We’re excited to hear from you!

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