Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair - Loop Back

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair - Loop Back




Having long hair means more fun and creative styling for any occasion. Here at Minque Hair Extensions, we're starting a new "how-to" tutorial series called: 

"Hair Styles For Long Hair"

Whether you're wearing Clip-Ins Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions or just have long hair in general, we'll show you the perfect styling for your hair.


So, just imagine, you have clipped in your long luscious Minque Hair 22” Clip in extensions and you have only 4 mins before you need to run out the door. Easy. 

Half up half down hairstyles are great for framing all face shapes and can be adjusted to suit everyone. Simply choose your part line and you’re ready to start.
 We definitely recommend pulling out any little wispy/curly bits now at the front that you want to leave out, because if you try to pull them out later, you may mess up your 4-min hairstyle. 


Boho twists

So popular right now and suitable for hair when it's either straight, curly or wavy.
All you have to do is run your finger or sectioning comb up from the front of your ear to the top of your head and there’s your section.
Simply split that part into 2 sections and twist around each other like a piece of rope till you reach the end and secure with a bobby pin at the back or side of your head.
And you’re done. Told you it was simple. 
Here is a video tutorial on this popular style: 



Adding height to the crown

If you want to get a bit fancy, another great easy style is teasing your hair at the crown and then pulling the front sections back into a little pony.
The added height and instant glamour and can take it from a simple boho day look to a glam night time style. Also, a great starting point when adding in a ponytail. 


Arianna Grande’s signature half up slicked back

If you’re not so good at using a back-comb, don’t worry. Another great and easy look is to keep it nice and flat on top, much like Arianna Grande’s signature look.
Simply section out the top ¼ of your head and slick your whole hairline from the front backwards and use a hair tie to secure the top section up, then wrap a small section of your hair around the hair tie and secure in place.


Top Knot

Once you have slicked back the top section and secured it with a pony as outlined in the previous style, one of our favourite looks of the season is to then do a very loose plait in the top section after the hair tie, secure it at the ends then wrap it around itself to create a little messy bun right on top of the head.
This is also a great trick for hiding lots of short layers for those struggling with short bits on top.One of the great parts about this hairstyle is that if you decide to add shape or straighten through the ends later, you can successfully do this without affecting the style you have already created.
This means it's great for changing it up from a day time look to a night time look.


Beautiful brides and messy hair looks for your day off can both be created using this quick and simple guide.


For more looks using Minque Hair Clip in extensions or just basic hair inspiration styles jump across to our youtube channel at:



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