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Easy Hairstyles To Complete Your Race Day Look

Easy Hairstyles to Complete Your Race Day Look

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Its that time of year, the flowers are blooming, daylight is lasting longer and most importantly spring racing season is upon us!  

You have the most perfect outfit planned and a gorgeous fascinator to match, your make up is all planned out, your fake tan is booked and nails perfectly manicured -  but what about your hair? It can be so easy to let this one detail slip amongst the preparations, but the right easy hairstyle can not only complement your outfit but also take it to the next level! Hair Extensions or not we have you covered!


Still undecided on which easy hairstyle is right for you with the major days fast approaching? Not to worry we’ve compiled a list of our favourite easy hairstyles that will work for any race day from Caulfield to Derby to the Melbourne Cup, no matter what your outfit or head wear!


The Bun

Race Day Hair Inspiration

One of the most versatile and easy hairstyles has to be the bun!  Whether it be a low or high, sleek or messy, small or big – you can make this simple hairstyle work not only for any outfit but any fascinator. Changing where you part your hair will drastically change the look and feel of the look.

Have a fascinator that is dominant on one side? Tie your hair in a side pony and using a small to medium sized hair donut create a soft slightly messy side bun. Leave out a couple of strands and finish by curling them to give your face the perfect frame.

If you have a simple, subtle style hairpiece then a dramatic high bun is the one for you! Using lots of hair spray to create a sleek, neat style, tie your hair in an extremely high ponytail. A large to extra large hair donut will give your hair that bit of extra oomph!  If your hair is too thin to cover the donut, clip in hair extensions can be the perfect solution to provide the volume you need. An added bonus with this style is the extra few inches it will add, making you look taller!

The most adaptable bun would have to be the slicked back low bun sitting at the nape of the neck. Not only is it a simple hairstyle to enact, but also it is the ultimate blank canvas, which works for any kind of millinery from floppy hats, to the forward sitting fascinator to the netting across the eyes. Using a hair donut, will again ensure you get the perfect bun and the size of this donut will depend on how much drama you’re aiming for.



Braided Hair Inspiration

Not only on trend, but also a very simple hairstyle for those with longer hair – braids are an amazing option for the races! They work well with hairpieces especially flowers, look great messy and are very low maintenance. There are also multiple types of braids so there’s bound to be one that is the perfect match for your look!

Messy fish tail braids can be the perfect combination of a bohemian feel with a sense of femininity – think Blake Lively’s signature hair. Its also perfect for n them hot race days as your hair will be off your face all day, and you won’t have to worry about the dreaded frizz monster striking at any point! Don’t know to achieve this style? They may look intricate but they really are quite a simple hairstyle. Start by gathering all your hair towards the back as if you are about to tie it in a low ponytail before splitting the hair into two even sections.

Take a small piece of hair form the outside of one of these sections and bring it to the inside of the opposite section pulling tight. Continue this process alternating sides, and you’ll create the perfect fishtail braid. Don’t stress about perfection, making this slightly messy just adds to the style. Not had the time to get a fascinator or simply can’t stand wearing something on your head all day? Complete the look by adding some simple flowers!

The braided bun is another great low maintenance style, and perfect for the

most windy of days! This style adds a romantic touch and is a simple hairstyle that looks like its taken maximum effort. To create this style begin by splitting the hair down the middle into two high ponytails on either side of the head. Braid each one along the sides of the head and join the braids together at the neck. Fold the braids onto themselves in order to create a textured bun. Pop on your fascinator and you’re ready to go!

The Finger Wave

Finger wave curls | great gatsby curls | best quality hair extensions for long hair

This simple hairstyle is the ultimate simple chic style - think great Gatsby! It evokes a vintage, classic style that exudes elegance. It works for hair of all lengths, but is especially perfect as a medium length hairstyle. There is a perception that this style is difficult to execute, but this isn’t the case if you have the right tools! A waving iron is the perfect tool for this job, it looks like a crimping iron but instead has a wavy plate on the inside and will allow you to do have perfect finger waves, hassle free! The end look can also be changed by switching up your part, many people tending to go for a deep side part for that real 30’s sense. This simple hairstyle will suit any fascinator, especially those with a bejeweled vintage vibe.

Bouncy Curls

best quality long hair extensions | remy hair extensions for long and thick hair | bouncy curls with hair extensions

For an easy simple hairstyle for any outfit, you definitely can’t go wrong with bouncy curls! They work for all hair lengths, colours and millinery styles. This style will beyond doubt keep you looking youthful and fresh all day long. The best thing about this look is that it can be achieved with a hair straightener if you don’t have a curling iron on hand. Make sure your hair has not been washed the day of or the day before and you have used heaps of hairspray to ensure that your curls don’t drop and you’re looking fabulous all day long!


The ponytail

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The ponytail is one of the simplest everyday hairstyles, but it can be made sleek and chic very easily. It can also complement a number of different outfit types by making very subtle changes to the classic style. Much like the bun it can be the ultimate blank canvas. 

For an edgier more voluminous ponytail look, tease your hair at the crown before tying it up in a ponytail. Leave out a small strand of hair so you can wrap it around the elastic making the look perfectly polished. Adding clip in extensions can add extra drama to this simple hairstyle. This style looks amazing when the pony is slightly wavy, which can be achieved by sleeping with your hair in a plait the night before or curling a few strands with a curling iron.

For a sleeker, classic pony, part your hair to one side and spray it with a lot of hairspray! Using some more hairspray or even gel can work well, pull your hair back into a low ponytail. Complete this look by wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic to hide it. Making sure your hair is super straight will add to the length and sleek vibe of this style. You will have seen this exact style on the runway countless time and is a great choice if your dress has either a low cut neckline, statement back or you are just going bold with your makeup. 


Sleek & Straight

sleek and straight hair behind ears | sophisticated looks for races | best quality hair extensions

If your headpiece is quite large and extravagant, you want to let it do all the talking! Add some Moroccan oil through your hair avoiding your roots (you want shiny locks, not oily ones) then straighten your hair small section by small section in order to achieve straightened, shiny perfection. Give it a hairspray to lock down fly a ways and you are all set! For added drama clip in extensions can give extra length to emphasize your entire look in a way which is still subtle and simple.

Here is a great example of how to wear your Minque Hair Extensions straight before the addition of your headpiece:

Clip In Hair Extensions


With so many simple hairstyles that you can do yourself at home, preparing for the races should be fun and not at all stressful! The perfect style to complement your look exists, now the hard part with so many options which one will you pick? Once you’re all decided all that’s left to do is pop some bubbly, take some obligatory selfies and enjoy the day!



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