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Easy Hairstyles With Our Clip In Ponytail Hair Extensions




Its getting warmer and the most chic look this summer is definitely the high pony!

Bella, Kim, Kylie & Arianna are just a few of the big names that are making this the hottest look for summer 2017. We like it sleek, we like it messy… we don’t mind how it comes as long as its super long and lush. 

We like it sleek, we like it messy… we don’t mind how it comes as long as

its super long and lush. The Minque Hair 22” clip in ponytail in 200g Deluxe is the perfect solution and so quick and easy to put in.

Custom designed in head office and debuted earlier this year on the stunning Tammy and Emilee Hembrow for fitness brand Saskia, we can not get enough of this super easy and absolutely stunning clip in addition.

In the following steps, we are going to show you all the tips and techniques you need to achieve the hottest looks this summer using the Minque Hair 22" 200g Deluxe Ponytail.


Deluxe Clip In Ponytail Extensions

Having only two clips means it’s a fool proof piece that can glam up a night out or simply help you strut your stuff at the supermarket. Trust me, everyone will be jealous.

Also, let’s point out the fact that dirty hair is no match for clip in ponytails.

Simply slick that hair down and hairspray/gel into place then clip the pony on.

No one will know the difference and you will look completely polished in no time.


So firstly, let’s be real, clip in ponytails do not always have to be worn up high to look good. That’s the beauty about clip in ponies, they are so versatile.


Style #1 – Long sleek pony (Worn high or low)

Quick and easy to apply over the top of your hair elastic, simply clip the two clips shut, then wrap your own hair around the band and secure it with a bobby pin and you’re done. Instant glamour.

Stay tuned for our upcoming application tutorial on our Minque Hair Youtube channel.

Ponytail hair extensions

#2 – Big bun

Once your ponytail is clipped in either high or low, all you have to do is then wrap the whole pony around your elastic and secure in with bobby pins.

This will give you an effortless look in no time at all.

Want to make that bun a messy one? Split the hair in half and wrap one section clockwise and the other anti-clockwise before securing with bobby pins. You can then gently pull at small sections to loosen up strategic bits and make it bigger. The messier the better in our opinion.


Style #3 – Mermaid Braid


Braided Hair Inspiration

This style is completely open to interpretation and can be worn high, low, in the middle, to the side, messy or neat, braided or plaited.

This means you can wear it to a glamorous gala event or you can wear it to a festival and everywhere in between. Fishtail braids are an amazing addition to a clip in pony.

Fishtail braids are an amazing addition to a clip in pony.

It's like a match made in heaven really, and the easiest of all braids to create.

Just separate the pony in half and then proceed to take a small section from the outside of each section and pull it to the front.

All you need to do then include it with the other side and repeat cycle. Served best when pulled out a little at the sides to make it a bit messy.

The beauty about adding so much extra hair to your pony means that it adds instant glamour, so all you have to do is decide on which braid or plait and its placement and start styling. Before placing the hair tie in at the bottom we recommend using your fingers to gently pull each cross over of the plait to loosen it slightly and this will create extra volume and shape.


Have fun with all the great instant looks you can achieve with this versatile piece and make sure you tag us at #minquehair and share the love.

We would love to feature all the amazing looks our gorgeous Minque Hair customers create.


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