Get the celebrity look with our ponytail hair extensions

Get the celebrity look with our ponytail hair extensions


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What can ponytail hair extensions do for you? Well, we have all felt the pain of copying a chic modern look off of Jennifer Lawrence, Khloe Kardashian or Chrissy Teigen only to turn the page of a magazine and see them with a long flowing ponytail and want to cry because we want that  style instead. The fact is that growing hair your hair out is one of the most tedious tasks you can undertake, next to watching paint dry or actually watching grass grow. This is why hair extensions are your new best friend, and essentially the easiest way to go from what was hot last month to what is hot this morning.

What is a ponytail hair extension exactly?

So, obviously there are different styles of hair extensions to fit different colours and lengths but the ponytail hair extension literally takes the concept to the next level by allowing you to simply pull your natural hair back and clip on the look. It is seriously that quick and it means you can be Selena Gomez with a jaw grazing bob by day and Ariana Grande with her luscious ponytail by night.  In fact, Ariana herself isn’t rocking the red carpet or selling out stadiums with her own hair. Even she uses a ponytail hair extension. She admitted on her Instagram in 2017 that her iconic look is actually the work of fake hair, explaining that her hair was so destroyed from bleaching that she had no choice but go the extension route. If you’re suffering from the same problem, or are just exhausted of looking at the same old tired look in your own Instagram pictures, a ponytail extension is a fun solution for you too!

What else can you do with a ponytail hair extension?

Okay, so sporting the same ponytail look everyday is working wonders for Ariana by turning her into a pop icon, but it can become a little boring if you’re someone who likes to experiment with your style. Mixing it up is why would might consider hair extensions in the first place, so what else can you do with the ponytail option rather than investing in any other option?

Have you ever looked at a pic of Blake Lively rocking an amazing bun full of volume, only to try it yourself and look more like a sunny-side-up egg than California beach girl? Again, Blake isn’t getting that look without a little help and the good news is that it’s far easier to get than anything to go with plastic surgery or even airbrushing. It’s all about the ponytail extension that can be twisted, twirled or braided into an envy inducing fish tail that will elevate any outfit to the heights of the ponytail itself!

Have a little fun with a lotta hair!

One of the best things about hair extensions is that they can be designed to look 100% natural and trick your nearest and dearest into thinking that you’re magic. But, if you want to have some fun, there are colourful options that are more Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Kylie Jenner. These gals love to experiment with all the colours of the rainbow, flipping pink locks one day and purple the next. That is a huge commitment that, with actual dyeing will potentially damage your original hair just like Ariana experienced. An extension is the answer and, as 2018 is all about having fun with hair fashion, owning just how fake you can look is all part of the solution. Without even changing the colour of your roots, a colourful ponytail will make you pop like a Kylie Jenner pop up shop.

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Buy some hair & steal some looks

OK, lets get to some real goals. It’s all fun and games to allude to the celebs who use ponytail hair extensions, but how can you specifically create some of these awesome looks? Let’s start with...


The Queen of the World didn’t get her title just from singing and dancing, we also love her because she is not afraid to take risks and so we bow at her feet because of what she does to her hair. Beyonce has naturally curly hair which can be notoriously difficult to style into a straight sleek look, let alone add in some classic waves for texture. So, to achieve her hair goals, she uses fake hair. She specifically did this in 2015 at the hottest party in the world - The Met Gala.

Queen B was dressed in an amazing sheer Givenchy dress but what stood out the most was her high ponytail with cascading ringlets. She proved that a high ponytail can be taken to the red carpet and a black tie event and be the most eye catching hairstyle of the night.

So how did Beyonce achieve this? By blowdrying her natural hair back, pulling it up to the summit point on her hair and then clipping on the ponytail hair extensions! It is up to you whether you style the ponytail before or after you attach it, but doing the finish touches should definitely be left until you and the ponytail are one. This way you can ensure that everything is perfected to bring the most out of your natural features.


Supermodel Bella Hadid is famous for her cropped brown locks that are the opposite to her equally stunning sister Gigi. While Gigi is all about her natural beachy waves, and rarely sways from the style, Bella has a lot of fun with her hair and proves that keeping your natural hair in one simple style does not mean that you have to stick with it at all times.

Bella does a very modern twist on the high ponytail by parting her hair on the side and to an angle, gelling it down to create a super sleek line, and fitting the extension like a crown. This look culminates in a 1960s meets very now style that can dress up an otherwise casual outfit and make you look like a very put together and fashion forward supermodel.

This look is dependent on choosing an extension that perfectly fits your natural hair colour. While many styles can be enhanced with balayage or fun colours, Bella is all about keeping it all-in-one. Fortunately, the Minque Hair Extensions come in so many colours, you’re bound to find one that matches what you already have.


This ageless beauty makes voluminous hair look absolutely effortless and it isn’t because she is an A-list superstar who has proven time and time again that she can do it all. It’s because she hides her relatively fine hair with a ponytail extension (or two!) and isn’t afraid to go big or go home.

While Ariana is sleek, Beyonce is classic and Bella is modern, JLo is the master at exactly what the ponytail hair extensions are designed to do. Her tightly pulled back natural hair is simply the foundation for the explosion of big curls that fall all over her head almost like a wig!  

To get this look for yourself, you’re going to have to be prepared to have a little bit of junk in your trunk - on your head! This can be an intimidating look and maybe isn’t perfect for your first attempt at hair extensions but can instead be something you work your way up to. By piling on the extensions, you’re definitely risking a headache but excelling at one of the most enviable styles there is.

Caring for your ponytail

The Minque Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy Human Hair. While these high quality locks may be classed as fake hair to you, to ensure you get the most out of them they need to be treated as if you grew them yourself. It means ensuring that you have a proper extension hair care process to tag on to the end of your regular shampoo and conditioning routine.

The best news is that hair extensions don’t need to be washed nearly as often as your regular hair. In fact, they only need to see water every 15-20 wears. It’s like a dream come true - big beautiful hair for little to no effort. But when you do need to wash them, there are a bunch of products to choose from that will ensure that you are treating your hair extensions with the same TLC usually reserved for your own.

So, if your current hair is giving you nightmares and you have been dreaming about making a change but don’t want to wait or commit to anything major, ponytail hair extensions are literally what you have been looking for. All you need to do is find the celeb you want to look like, clip on some 100% real Remy hair and blow everyone away with your new style.

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