Guide to: Hair Salon Accessories

Guide to: Hair Salon Accessories


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As you may know, we stock premium grade Remy human hair extensions in all the below ranges.  What you may not know is that for most of these extensions you will also need some accessories to go with the extensions.  Below is a comprehensive guide on the hot 7 hair salon accessories you need in your store ASAP!

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Why choose Minque hair extensions and accessories?  

Before we go into the type of accessories on offer, you should know that here at Minque, we proudly stock premium quality products.  This means you can rest assured that when you purchase from us you will receive A+ quality Remy hair, which is 100% human hair.  The benefit of this not being synthetic is that you can colour and style it as you would your own hair. 

Because our hair extensions are of such high quality, our accessories are of the same standard, so that they too are durable and as strong as you need them to be.

Here's a quick guide to the extensions we stock: 

  • Clip-In ponytails
  • Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Weft Hair Extensions
  • Tape Hair Extensions
  • Weft Hair Extensions
  • Micro bead Hair Extensions

The below link will take you to all of our ranges if you're ready to add our hair extensions to your arsenal also.

Hair Extension range

Below I will discuss each of the hair salon accessories we currently stock and advise which hair extension range they are suitable for, where applicable.

1) Tangle Teezer Brush 

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This amazing brush is sure to be a best seller for anybody who wishes to stock it. 

This is the brush we recommend to all of our clients to gently brush their extensions and own hair with daily in order to ensure the lifespan and integrity of the hair.

What's so special about it? 

This brush boasts unique bristles which will never ever snag your hair, wet or dry.  That's right, you can even use this in the shower to comb through your conditioner!  It's design is also as ergonomic as they come, it fits right into the palm of your hand and is small enough to make a good travel companion. This makes it perfect for hair extensions maintenance whether they be permanent or of the clip-in variety.  

Are you sold yet?  It also comes in an amazing array of colours including pink, purple and white.  Make a move on these as they constantly sell-out! 

Suitable for:

This brush is suitable to use on all of our hair extensions. You can find all the range here


2) Tangle Ties

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photo source:  Minque Hair

Made by the same amazing people who make the Tangle Teezer, these hair ties are just as lovely and gentle for your hair. 

These ties will be able to secure your hair up in the highest of high ponytails and once its in place it will not move.  The unique 'bendy' shape also means that the hair ties will shape and adjust to your hair which means no more elastic band indentations once your ponytail comes out.  For me, that has to be the best part, hair straight down with kinks is not the best look for me.

You can buy them in boxes of 4, and they are available in silver, gold, baby pink, baby purple or a mix of the 4.  I'll take one of each, thanks! 

Suitable for:

These hairties are suitable to use on all of our hair extensions including clip-ins. You can find all the range here


3) Minque Colour Ring

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photo source:  Minque Hair

This is a must have for any salon selling and installing our hair extensions.  The ring contains all the colours we have available across our ranges of hair extensions.  They will provide you and your clients with a quick visual of all the colour ranges and can be placed near the face for extra visual checking. 

It is also a handy little reference to our colour shades when you are ordering extensions online or over the phone with us.

Suitable for: 

Any salon selling our ranges of hair extensions.  You can order the colour ring here


4) Minque Replacement Tape Tabs

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photo source:  Minque Hair

If you use our tape extensions you will more than likely have some happy repeat customers to tend to.  This is where our tape replacement tabs come in handy as you will need those to move up the extensions. 

We currently have 3 options available which are : 

  • 48 replacement tabs
  • 96 replacement tabs
  • 144 replacement tabs

Suitable for: 

Any salon selling and attaching our tape hair extensions.  You can order your selection of replacement tape tabs here


5) Removal Solution

We highly recommend this product for when you are removing tape, bond and fusion hair extensions.  The liquid will make short work of the glue used to attach these methods.  It comes in an 150ml bottle.

Suitable for: 

Any salon selling and attaching our tape, bond and fusion hair extensions.  You can order the solution here


6) Micro beads - silicone lined

photo source:  Minque Hair

Adding hair extensions using micro beads is getting quite popular among our clients.  If you have the same, then you need these amazing micro beads in your salon accessories range.

The amazing thing about these micro beads is that the inside is lined with silicone, meaning your clients hair is completely protected and not exposed to any hard surfaces.  This, in turn, ensures the hair does not get broken or damaged.

The beads come in packets of 100, 500 or 1000 and there are several colour choices which means there will surely be a shade to suit the extensions your are attaching.  

The colours available are:  

  • Light Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Black

Suitable for: 

Any salon selling and attaching our micro bead hair extensions.  You will find the whole range here


7) Bead Threader

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photo source:  Minque Hair

If you are installing micro beads extensions this little gadget will become your best friend.  The I-Tips bead threader is a perfect match and fit for our micro bead extensions, so if you are finding yourself using the micro beading technique grab a few of these! 

Suitable for: 

Any salon attaching our micro bead hair extensions.  Get your own I Tips bead threader here

That's a wrap for the top 7 salon accessories you need if you have your own salon stocking and installing hair extensions, I hope the information above offers some additional information that you may not have known about our hair salon accessories.

Its hard to pick a favourite out of this bunch, but I would have to go with number 1, the Tangle Teezer.  It really is a game changer of a brush so you and your clients will absolutely fall in love with it.  The only difficulty I faced is which colour to go for! 

If you are a salon that does quite a few micro bead extensions please seriously consider using our beads and extensions, you won't be dissapointed!

Do you own your own salon and already stock any of our amazing products above?  Please reach out to us and let us know what your favourite is, we love hearing from you.  You can contact us here

You can also find us on Instagram or like us on Facebook - we're always happy to have new friends on social media.  

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