Top 5 hair concerns and the haircare to help

Top 5 hair concerns and the haircare to help

There is nothing like a frizz-free, shiny full head of hair is there?  It can make or break your morning (well, at least my morning)  We here at Minque are fully dedicated to providing you with a top-notch range of hair care as much as we are with providing you with amazing extensions.

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We've quite the range of haircare on hand for all of your needs, so this blog will take you through the main concerns we see and give you recommendations on the ranges that will suit you, as well as some hacks that will up your haircare game.  Let's get to them!

Concern 1: Dry/ dull hair

Kiki Hydrate Range

If you feel that your hair is not as shiny as it could be and is in desperate need of nourshment and moisture, we have the Kiki Hydrate series to help you out.  This is specifically made by us for your gorgeous hair extensions and as the name suggest, these products are super hydrating for your own hair and extensions.  The range includes a shampoo, conditioner, masque and a leave in moisturiser. 


  • Hydrate Hair Extensions Shampoo - Suitable for extremely dry and brittle hair, it contains a good array of aromatic oils to help nourish your hair. 
  • Hydrate Hair Extensions Conditioner - Best results when paired with your shampoo, the conditioner also contains oil enriched botanicals which will help detangle and add some shine.
  • Hydrate Hair Extensions Masque - Is a great addition to your haircare cleansing routine, especially when the hair and extensions are feeling less than 100% smooth and silky.  The masque will help restore all the goodness!
  • Hydrate Leave-In Moisturiser  - This bottle is filled with amazing things to assist your hair to look and feel its best.  Like the rest of the range, it is suitable for dry tresses, and will assist with adding moisture, shine and volume from the roots to the tips.
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    Hydrate series hacks

    • You can use this range to not only nourish your extensions but also your own hair.
    • To view a video on how to wash your non-permanent extensions click here
    • The leave in moisturiser is a great heat protectant, be it from your hairdryer or straightener but also from the sun! That's right, spritz some of this in before heading out into the sunshine.

    Concern 2: Throwing some brassy or copper tones?

    The below two ranges are for you. Both the 18 in 1 and Fanola focus on keeping unwanted tones at bay by infiltrating your hair with the most decadent blue or voilet tones. 

    The 18in1 range is just to die for. They don't contain any sulfates, parabens, and salts, so you are well and truly nourishing your hair as well as toning down your colour concern.

    18 in 1 Intense Blue Shampoo - Is made specifically to reduce any orange/ red copper tones that may be attempting to come through. It is also very nourishing as it contains Australian Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil and Amino Acids.

    18 in 1 Blue Treatment Mask - This gorgeous mark also contains Australian Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil and Amino Acids.


    18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo - If your hair tends to throw brassy/ yellow tones this will be your go to.  It deposits violet tones into your hair and nourishes it with Australian kakadu plum, Argan Oil and Amino Acids.

    The 18 in 1 Intense Violet Treatment Mask - Give your hair a treat while keeping the brassiness at bay.  This mask, like all the other products in this range is full of oils and acids.

    18in1 series hacks

    • If your hair tends to go orange, go for the intense blue options, or if you do go a brassy yellow, the intense violet is your option.
    • Buy them in a pack to save some dosh.

    photo source: Minque Hair

    Fanola Range

    For your ladies experiencing brassiness and copper tones in your perfect blond do, we can recommend the range by Fanola.  You have a choice of shampoo/ treatment in either 350mls or 1 litre and they have a few bundles also. 

    Fanola No Yellow shampoo - this will assist very light hair in adding that extra tone to prevent the horrid brassiness/ yellow from forming.

    Fanola No Yellow Mask - works well in conjunction with your above shampoo.  Leave this in for 3 minutes and wash out gently for soft gorgeous locks.

    Fanola No Orange Shampoo - contains coconut and other oils to assist with defusing any red/copper tones.  It is packed with pigment to help tone your hair, but fear not, it will not stain your scalp.

    Fanola No Orange Mask - this mask, will boost the hydration provided when using the above shampoo, as it contains the same coconut and botanical oils.

     photo source: Minque Hair

    Fanola hacks

    • Use the no yellow shampoo to tone down any colour in your roots straight away by applying it as you would a semi or permanent colour.  Leave it on for 20 minutes and wala! 

    • You should also leave your mask in for over 10 minutes to further enhance that non-brassy or non-copper look.

    Concern 3: Chemically treated hair

    Love to chemically straighten your hair but not loving the dryness that goes with it? The Kerafill range will be your holy grail. This range uses keratin which is renowned for building your hair back up from the follicles. 

    The products range from shampoo, conditioner and a treatment suitable for use after straightening your hair chemically. 

    Kerafill Keratin Smoothing Shampoo - is suitable for daily use and will clean the hair without any buildup.  It also has an exclusive moisture locking system that will keep the hair strong and shiny.

    Kerafill Keratin Smoothing Conditioner - Adds shine and makes the hair feel amazing! It is also guaranteed to extend the life of your keratin treatment, how amazing is that! 

    Kerafill Serum Remedy Cream - This is a great treatment that will help repair and absorb keratin into damaged hair. The cream also acts as a UV protector, sunlight filter and free radical neutraliser.

    photo source: Minque Hair

    Kerafill Hack

    • Purchasing the Kerafill Keratin Treatment Pack (conditioner and treatment) is just as nice for hair that isn't so highly processed, so you can add this to your haircare routine at any time


    Concern 4: Scalp and hair health 

    Concerned about the state of your scalp or feel that your hair is not as strong as it once was?  The below range by Colorplex will restore your hair to its former glory, no questions asked:

    Colorplex No. 1 Bond Creator - 500ml  - this amazing product provides new hair bonds whilst protecting the structure of your hair to fortify it during the colouring process. 

    Colorplex No. 2 Bond Fortifier - 500ml - not only does this help promote bonds between your hair, it also smoothens the cuticle layer of your hair, so the end result is smoother looking hair.

    Colorplex No. 3 Take Home Hair & Scalp Treatment 500ml - this revolutionary treatment further assists the above treatments in the comfort of your own home.


     hair care hair extensions australia

    photo source: Minque Hair

    Colorplex Hack

    • About to go down the journey of colouring or adding extensions for the first time?  Do yourself a favour and get these products into your routine right before any hair processing and you will minimise any breakage or issues that might crop up.

    Concern 5: Hair breakage and split ends

    Nobody wants split ends or hair that easily breaks, whether it be extensions or your own hair, so below are the accessoies that you can use to minimise any of that.  Always remember, being gentle with your hair goes a long way.

    Tangle Teezer - this unique brush will gentle unknot your hair hassle free. It is our go to for hair extensions as it will not rip or snag through your hair. We also love the ergonomic design, made perfectly for the palm of your hand.  Its also compact enough to fit into your handbag.

    Tangle Ties - another innovative design that does not cause damage to your hair as it will mould to whatever you require.  It is super handy for that high ponytail also.

    hair extensions australia


    There you have it, the top concerns we hear about and the products that will help you eliminate them and give you more time to soak yourself in a bath with some wine and berries.  

    Whether it be dry hair, colour correction, heavily processed hair, hair strength or even which accessories to use, we have the products that will lift your haircare regime to the next level.  

    Is there any other concerns you have?  Or any hacks we can add that have been game changers for you?  If you have any suggestions or questions please get in touch with us, we love hearing from you! Email us here

    You can also find us on Instagram or like us on Facebook - we're always happy to have new friends on social media.

    ‘Til Next Time,
    Yours In Hair
     Minque x



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