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Halo Hair Extensions: All You Need to Know

Halo Hair Extensions – All You Need to Know

Hair extensions have become increasingly common across the world. Many women prefer their hair long and voluminous but some are unable to achieve that naturally. It can be difficult and expensive to follow complicated treatments and hair growth programs so women worldwide have been looking for alternative methods. One of preferable temporary methods of adding length and volume to hair is hair extensions. These come in different variety and can be worn in different styles.

Halo hair extensions are fast becoming the most popular as they are very quick and  easy compared to other types. For those who are apprehensive about using hair extensions, the halo hair extensions are the most simple and effective ones to use. They require use no clips, tapes, glues or beads to attach to the hair. In fact, halo hair extensions are not even technically attached to the hair. What could be better than that? NO DAMAGE! If you have been hesitant to use hair extensions, the halo hair extensions could be the key to the new you.

Why You Need the Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions can be the problem solver to many of your hair woes. Whether you have naturally thin hair that also doesn't seem to grow into the length you want or you have damaged your hair over time, halo hair extensions can be easily used to enhance your hair look.

Many women will prefer using the halo hair extensions because those beauty products are only going to end up making more damage. They are saturated with chemical contents that can cause thinning and roughness of the hair. So is it not better to use halo hair extensions that you can use as you like and when you like. You spend money only one time and then you can use the extensions over a long period as the need arises.


How do the Halo hair extensions work?

Many women don’t buy hair extensions because they don’t really understand how they work. The thing about the halo hair extensions is that they work simpler than other hair extensions. You don’t have to deal with multiple hair pieces of varying widths; also called wefts, or learn the technicalities of how to put them around your head.

The halo hair extensions are hair extensions that are integrated within a loop, which goes around your head. All you have to do is put that loop around your head and style your hair the way you want. The result is thick and long hair that you have always wanted. We will later discuss the styles you can make with halo hair extensions.

Benefits of Using Halo Hair Extensions

To further convince you about how great the halo hair extensions are, we have listed the following benefits:

No Damage

What can’t technically attach to your head will not do any kind of damage to your hair. You're literally using no clips or other attachment aids. These aids of attachment can often be a discomfort to the hair follicles. Those who regularly use hair extensions will know that it can feel a bit uncomfortable while they put on or remove the hair extensions. But with the halo hair extensions, the story is completely different. You simply add the halo hair extensions and make your hair look flawlessly longer and thicker.

Easy Maintenance

While trying to maintain the quality of your hair, at some point it will become a chore to follow long and complicated hair routines. There will be days when you either don’t have the time or energy to spend alot of time styling your hair to make it look flawless. So what you can do?

Invest in halo hair extensions.

Your Halo hair extensions need some care as well. Not as much as your own hair will need if you follow your care instructions properly, but a little maintenance of the halo hair extensions will make sure that you look great every time you install it. If taken care eof properly, they can last up to a few years!

Easy to Apply

You don’t have to go to a professional to install your halo hair extensions. You don’t have to follow any complicated instructions either. It consists of one simple piece of hair weft that easily goes around the circumference of your head to blend out your shorter layers flawlessly.


Easy to Remove

It literally takes only seconds to remove your halo hair extensions. They are far more convenient than the glue or taped in extensions. Simply lift up and out to remove them, and then hang them or pop them in a safe place until your next use.

Highly Affordable

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive products, tape or glued in hair extensions, simply invest your money in halo hair extensions. A once off payment that allows you to use them whenever you want will be sure to keep the budget intact. Dont forget that with just one halo hair extensions piece, you can create multiple hairstyles. It is just not affordable but cost-effective as well!

Amazing Volume!

We all want to add volume to our hair. It gives a healthy appearance and more freedom to play around with different hairstyles. If you don’t have voluminous hair naturally or don’t have time or money to spend on finding expensive hair extensions, you can use our Minque Halo Hair Extensions. This is a super quick and easy way to add volume.


Natural Looking

If you are worried about hair extensions not looking natural; or being unable to blend into your existing hair, you may find halo hair extensions just perfect for you. We recommend purchasing high-quality halo hair pieces in order to make your blend seamless and natural.

You will need the closest match for your natural hair colour and the right length. If you are unsure which length and colour are suitable for you, please contact us via our online Chat or via email to info@minquehair.com



Will your Halo Hair Extension fall out?

It is easy to wonder how halo hair extensions stay in the hair when they don’t really attach directly to your hair. With clips, beads, tapes or glues, you can ensure that the extension will stay put all day long no matter how active you are. But the same can be said about halo hair extensions.

They are designed to sit just under the occipital bone and once you learn the right angle to apply these wonderful types of hair extensions, you will discover just how secure they are. The placement is the key and it may also depend on what quality of extension you buy.

The halo hair extensions are designed to sit under the top half of the hair and is tucked under the occipital bone, which is the bone that sticks out of the back of your head. Once secured in this position the extension will be very secure no matter the level of activity you do.

The clear wire that secures both sides of the halo across the top of your head from which the hair extensions hang will become completely invisible as the top as it blends in and becomes completely undetectable. It simply is just a seamless method of making your hair look fabulous.

Hairstyles You Can Try

Here are easy hairstyles you can try with halo hair extensions:

  • Pull the sides of your hair up and the halo back. Make sure that the sides of halo extension are covered by your natural hair. Simply adjust the sides and bring the panels from the sides upwards and secure with a clip or hair tie
  • Once your halo is installed tie a low pony and then make a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins or a hair tie

Buying the Halo Hair Extension

To experience all the benefits of your new halo hair extensions, you should buy high-quality ones from a reputable seller. To purchase halo hair extensions Australia, visit the Minque Hair website.

You will easily be able to find a great color to match with your natural hair thanks to our lovely online team and of course at an affordable price.

To purchase your very own Halo or view our amazing range of colours please visit the link below:
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