Halo Hair Extensions: Five Easy Hairstyles with a Halo

Halo Hair Extensions: Five Easy Hairstyles with a Halo

 Get more out of your hair with a Halo Hair Extension

So you're planning to get Minque halo hair extensions, but you want to know you styling options with one in. No problem. From curls, braids, ponies, and buns, here are some of the fabulous hairstyles that you can do with your halos. We promise they’re easy, fun, and definitely worth trying!



Soft, Loose Waves

The soft, loose curls are among the easiest, chic, classiest hairstyles that you can do with your Minque halo hair extensions.

 There’s just something so lovable about soft, loose curls that we can’t help but include them in this list. They’re timeless, beautiful, and very easy to do. Not to mention they complement every fan shape. Unfortunately only a few people are gifted naturally with a type of hair that forms flawlessly soft waves, you can still achieve them with minimal effort, a few tricks, and of course, your halo hair extensions.

If you want to create loose, soft curls, start by curling away from your face and do the same pattern until you get to the back of your hair. Alternate the curl pattern for a laidback, effortless finish. Let the curls set by slipping them off the wand gently and having them cool off in your hand. You can use bobby pins to hold them into a curl, while you do the rest of your hair. Glide your fingers through your hair to separate the curls, if you have tight curls left on the bottom of your hair.


The French Braid

The French braid is one of the most stylish hairstyles that you can do with your Minque halo hair extensions.

The French Braid is for you if you are one of those who have a love-hate relationship with the snooze button. This hairstyle is very quick and easy to create, so you don’t have to worry being getting late for work or for school. Once you get the hang of it, simply put on your halo hair extensions, and you can do it in literally less than four minutes. Oh and before we forget, it’s perfect for second- or third-day hair, too, in case you don’t have time to wash it. 

If you want to achieve a semi-loose French braid, you can do an even parting of 3 sections on your halo hair extensions. As you would with your usual braid, grab the section of hair from the outside left and cross it over in between the right and center sections of your hair.  Continue until you’re left with nearly two inches of unbraided hair then secure with elastic band.



Loose, Wavy Ponytail


Needing a hairstyle that looks even better as your day goes on? This style makes it a reality. With your halo hair extensions, loose, wavy ponytails are such a simple types that creates a great impact. Such a breezy hairstyle doesn’t really need ponytail hair extensions. It is just made of a low-side pony that’s teased and loosely curled for a carefree look. As your day goes on, the curls will loosen a bit, giving it a Bohemian touch.

Pop your halo in. Brush it away from your face, then secure hair at your nape with an elastic band. Use a curling iron to style the mid-shafts to the ends. Then to finish this effective style off wrap a small section of hair around your elastic and pin into place.
This style looks even better once the curls at the bottom become less structured and neat.


The Messy Bun

The messy bun is one of the easiest hairstyles that you do with your Minque halo hair extensions.

 Lazy hair day today? No worries. You can still look cute with no effort. Just put on your Minque halo hair extensions, tie your hair up at you intended height, wrap the hair around the elastic to create the messy bun, then you’re all set! And what’s not to love about this messy style? It’s very versatile; you can do it high or low, with tapes, ponies, wefts, and clip-in hair extensions. 

With your halo hair extensions, you don’ t need to flip your head upside down, You just have to gently pull your hair into a loose, low ponytail as shown in the picture. No need for a comb or any worry about your strands being slicked back neatly. It’s okay to have some bumps. Proceed with twisting your hair and spinning it around the base of your ponytail. Continue wrapping it below the bun. Make sure you leave the tail out at the end, then tuck it with bobby pins.



The Loop Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is one of the classiest hairstyles you can do with your Minque halo hair extensions.

Photo Source: Waterfall.rfdg.us

We've got another beautiful, easy hairstyle for you to try. The loop waterfall braid works well not only with halos but also with tapes, clip-ins, or weft hair extensions.

This hairstyle essentially involves making a loop with a small strand of your hair. You then reach through that loop and pull halfway through a new small section of hair. Flip it upside down to create another loop. Repeat the process all the way across the back of your head. Once done, go back and adjust the size of the loops according to your desire.  

With your Minque halo hair extensions, you can be lazy and still look your best. When you get your much-needed ME time, have a go at these easy hairstyles at home. Let us know which one of these you love. Feel free to post your comments below. We would love to see you recreate them!


Haven't got a halo yet? No worries! Minque Hair is the perfect go-to for hair enthusiasts and style queens alike looking for premium-quality retail and wholesale hair extensions.  Drop us a line  and let one of our trained professionals help you pick the perfect piece for you.


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