Halo Hair Extensions 101

Halo Hair Extensions 101


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If you've had a quick look at the beautiful extensions here at Minque you would see that there are quite a few options that you may not even have known existed including clip ins, tape, weft, micro bead and halo hair extensions.

Here's some quick facts about the goodness that you can find in all our hair extensions.

  • When you buy from Minque you can be sure you are buying from an Australian company 
  • Minque only stock premium A+++ Remy human hair extensions.
  • All hair extensions are double downed, which means they are just as thick up top as they are at the bottom (important for a natural look)
  • There is a variety of shades across all types of extensions, so you are sure to find something right for you. 
  • Most options come in two lengths for you to choose from
  • Again, most options come in different grams which you will choose based on if you want a more natural or volume packed kind of look. 

Today I'm hoping to give you an insight of who halo hair extensions are suited to, what halo hair extensions are and where exactly they need to be placed for the correct fit. Let's get right into it with the 'What' to give you better context for the Who and Where.



What are halo hair extensions?  They are a non-permanent form of hair extensions, much like the clip-ins but without the hassle of placing one clip of hair at a time and unlike the ponytail clip-in, you are not limited to a ponytail.  This means you have the freedom to create a lot more hairstyles if you go with this option, or leave your hair down if that is your preference. 

photo source: Minque Hair

Here's some more information about halo hair extensions: 

They are uniquely placed in your hair with a thin as thin can be wire with unbelievable grip to secure it into place. This wire, which sits, like a halo, around your head, is completely invisible underneath your hair. The beauty of this method is that you can place the halo in yourself in a matter of seconds, so you do not need to head to your hairdresser or even your bestie for help with these at all! 

Don't believe me?  Check out a demonstration video below:

Attaching your halo extensions

What did I tell you, pretty easy right?


It comes with below options which will mean your look will be completely customised to what you need: 

Length, Colour and Grams

The halo comes in two lengths, 20 and 26 inch, which, depending on what you are after will either give you waist length hair (20") or longer! (26")

When it comes to colour, it's best to opt for the shade closest to your own hair colour, as the halo sits under your own hair, it needs to match as closely as possible for a seamless look.  If you are unsure of the colour you should use, please try our Find my shade form.

The grams are the amount of hair that will be added to your own hair.  We find the best way to judge this is to decide if you want a natural or lusciously thick look.  If you're after a more natural look, or if you have thin hair, go for the  Classic Set of 120gram.  After a thicker mane, or already have thick hair? Opt for The Deluxe Set of 220gram.


Who are halo hair extensions suited to? 

The novice

 If you are brand new to using hair extensions  you  might be wanting a non-permanent start to your extensions journey.  This is totes normal, and I am with you on this! 

The short hair lover

Love your short hair but have that rare day where you feel the need for length? This is perfect for you as you can add the halo in by yourself and within seconds, you now have a long 'do for the day! 

Those with thin or frail hair

If your hair is a little worse for wear from all of the constant colouring, styling and environmental factors you may be a little scared to add any further damage to your mane.  I hear ya!  Fear not, the halo does not need to be glued or clipped to any part of your hair, the thread sits much like a headband in your head, which if you've rocked a headband or two, you know this is highly unlikely to damage your hair. 

The indecisive

If you're anything like me, you love the look of long hair, but once you get that long hair you kind of want to rock a lob again, am I right? 

The time conscious

Are you forever running late for work or social outings?  I am totally guilty of this, so often time my poor hair gets a quick brush and out the door.  If this is you, then you'll probably save time once you've mastered putting in your halo, as it takes less than 30 seconds.

 Who does it not suit?

On the flip side, the halo may just not be for you and that's ok too.  There are plenty of options for you to try here at Minque.

Experienced hair extension user

if you’ve already tried other more permanent methods such as tape or weft, you may not want to use the halo because more often than not, it means you are willing to commit to the style created by your extensions on a permanent basis.

Long hair lover

You love your hair long and do not feel the need to let your own short hair have it's hey day, ever! 


Another factor is cost.  You will have to initially invest $240+ and install them yourself, so this may not be something you are comfortable with.  


While most of the customers we’ve had for halo extensions are very happy with the way the halo fits, there is always a small percentage that may not find it suitable for them, due to having a wire sitting on your scalp.  Let me assure you, the wire doesn’t damage your hair at all and it is just one of those things that you get used to.  The overall effect of the halo should supersede any teething issues.


This brings us to the where.. I will now go into more detail on exactly where you will be placing the halo, for minimal disruption to your scalp and seamless integration with your own hair.


photo source: Minque Hair

Please refer to our video and instructions below:

How to adjust your halo

To begin:

  • When you first receive your halo, please be sure you check the colour is right before removing from packaging.
  • You will see that the wire is quite long, this is so there is adequate room to adjust it to your own head size.
  • To adjust your halo simply pull the string through the corresponding bead to tighten or loosen. 
  • To ensure you get the correct fit, make sure the wire is on the crown of your head (behind the front section part) and the bottom of the halo is below the bone in the back of your head.
  • Once you've got that in place, give it a head shake to make sure there is no movement. 
  • To secure you will need to firstly cut-off the excess wire, then use a pair of pliers to tighten the bead so that the wire can no longer move through it.
This initial set-up is the longest part, from now on, you can just pop the halo on as below:
  • Part the hair in the middle, then gather up the front section of your hair and tie up
  •  Place the halo on ensuring you have the top on the crown of your head
  • slide the back of the halo to below the small bone on the back of your head
  • To integrate in with your hair you can simply let the front section of your hair down and brush through.
  • Another technique for integrating is to use the pointy end of a comb to hide the wire by gently bringing forward the hair under the wire.



photo source: Minque Hair

I hope this blog has helped you in your quest for thicker, longer hair and that you now have the confidence to go ahead and try our halo hair extensions if you do think they are a good fit for you. 

You can purchase the 20 inch halo hair extensions here and for the 26 inch hair extensions click here

 If you're already got yourself a halo (you clever thing, you) let me know if our step by step instructions have helped and please be sure to send over pictures of your gorgeous new long look.

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‘Til Next Time,

Yours In Hair

The Minque Hair Team




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