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High Fashion Hair Looks With Celebrity Stylists


From Myers 2017 Sydney showcase

 Changing up our hair is only an extension of changing up our clothes and style. We change our clothes daily, so why do we so often get stuck in a hair rut? Today we want to inspire some change. We are going to give you a brief introduction to the amazing creative hair stylists behind some of the biggest fashion brands and see what their favourite on point trends are this season, then below we will add everyday versions that you can use your Minque Hair Extensions with. 

Dont have your very own set of Minques amazing hair extensions yet?   #1 THE 70’s LOOKJames Nicolson For Kevin Murphy “Its all about healthy hair and lustrous fringes, in a 60’s & 70’s fashion”.

Minque Hair Extensions Curly Hair | Payment plans extensions


Reyna xydis for Cloud 9 – Sass & Bide

“Fresh, modern & with the spirit of Barcelona” was what Reyna described as the look they were channelling for Sass & Bides last runway show called “Fiesta Barcelona”- which consisted of 5 different styles of braids with many adornments throughout


Alan White for KMS – Romance was Born

The inspirational look was called “Bubble curl and Disco perm” when describing the height and volume of their latest runway called Electro Orchid.
Utilising texture creams, tongs and back combing

Minque Hair Extensions Curly Hair | Payment plans extensions

So how do we get these looks no matter what your hair type? Well you have come to the right place.

Below is an example of everyday versions that you can do at home using our very own Minque Hair Extensions. Weather you want to create them using clip ins, tapes or even a halo these looks will surely shock you out of boredom.

70's Style - Tousled locks with a long fringe filled out with hair extensions

gives a full, healthy and edgy looking hair style

Minque Hair Extensions Curly Hair | Payment plans extensions

Travel style - Forget styling that fringe, just braid it away and tie the rest in a pony

once you have cliped your extensions in, add a few hair accessories and voila!

Minque Hair Extensions Curly Hair | Payment plans extensions

Curls to get the girls - After clipping in your hair extensions, we recommend styling 

with a 10-20mm hot tong to create this amazing look below. Get those hands in there
and dont be afraid to backcomb to create all the volume needed

Minque Hair Extensions Curly Hair | Payment plans extensions

A change can be as good as a holiday! So get styling ladies and dont forget to tag us at #minqueclique



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