How to Protect Your Tape Hair Extensions at The Gym

How to Protect Your Tape Hair Extensions at The Gym

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Working out has become more then just a New Years resolution and has totally taken the world by is now cool to be fit who wouldv'e thought? We understand the struggles that come with hair extensions sometimes beauty is pain so it is super important to take care of your extensions especially if they are permanent when you are working out. This includes after care! Just because you live an active lifestyle doesn't mean you can't have perfect, sweat-free hair!

Make sure to style your extensions in a way that will be non-damaging and out of your face, we don't want any lush locks getting pulled out by accident! We recommend the slick pony or classic bun; this will make sure your hair is up and out of your face and also able to avoid sweat. When styling avoid excess pulling or a too tight hold, this is especially important with tape extensions as we don't want the excess exercise combined with a tight pony pulling on or out your extensions.

If you're more of an outdoor exerciser we recommend wearing a hat to cover your tapes from the heat.

Aftercare is just if not more important when protecting your tape extensions after exercise. Always make sure to wash your extensions after excessive exercise to remove sweat build up that could cause tape slippage. This is also important to avoid tangling and knotting which may have occurred after exercise.

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Whether you are running on the treadmill, attending classes or lifting weights, you still need to remember to protect your Minque tape hair extensions while you sweat it out to keep those hair extensions perfect.

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