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Messy Bun Tutorial Using Minque Hair Clip-in Extensions


Dress it up, dress it down. We all love a messy bun.
A bit casual, a bit sexy, but most of all it’s great for hiding bad hair days.
Sometimes, however, it takes a bit of practice to get the amount of “mess” just right.
So today we are simplifying it for you.
We recommend using our 22” Minque Hair clip-in extensions in either classic or deluxe in to help bulk up that bun and make it look more substantial.
#1. Clip-in your Minque Hair Ponytail
# 1. Do a high ponytail.
#2. Split the ponytail in half.
#3. Loosely twist one half and place around elastic in a clockwise direction, then secure with a bobby pin, then gently pull some sections to create volume and texture.
#4. Do the same with the other ½ however you will need to wrap that section anti-clockwise and secure with another bobby pin.
Gently pull some sections lose and position and add extra pins if needed.
How to style a messy bun
The more sections you pull out of the twist the messier and larger it will become. So we recommend starting small and then working your way up.
Below is a messy bun we created to show you just how effective this style can look.
We simply paired it with a twist down one side to glam it up and take it from Sunday Netflix and chill to a glam Sunday session with the girls.
Twisted messy bun tutorial
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