Minque Hair Extensions Blog: How to Get Beautiful Curls

Minque Hair Extensions Blog: How to Get Beautiful Curls

Sure, we women do love curly, tousled hair. However, we also dread the damage that comes with constant curling. You'll be glad to know that there are other ways to achieve lovely, flowy curls, most of which are very easy to do and don’t involve any heat styling tool. In this Minque hair blog, we have put together a list of effective methods to get beautiful curls the heatless way with or without Minque Hair Extensions. Let’s check them out: 



1) The Headband 

Making headband curls is a great trick to achieve bouncy curls without doing any damage to your hair. In this Minque hair extensions blog, we’re going to show you how to effectively recreate beachy waves using a headband.

Step 1: Start with your hair slightly damp. Place a wide band around your head. We suggest you get a stretchy one.  

Step 2: Part your hair into two sections. Start by weaving one section near your ears, over and back under band. Continue until you get to the back of your neck.

Step 3: Proceed with the other side. When you wake up the next morning, unwrap each section gently before removing your band.

Step 4: Spritz with a texturizer, then gently use your fingers to break up your girl waves.


2) The Twist-Out


Twisting your hair out is a fab way to create lovely curls. This Minque hair blog will show you how you can let them come out as beautiful as you want them to. You can do this early in the morning or sleep in them, like the headband method.

Step 1: Before you start, make sure your hair is freshly washed, untangled, and partially air-dried.  

Step 2: Next, grab two sections of your hair starting at the back of your neck. Apply leave-in conditioner on them (optional).

Step 3: Create a simple twist, then continue until all of your hair is twisted. You can twist the two sections at the same time. Leave over night, if you want. 

Step 4: When you wake up, smooth apply hair oil over your twists to give them shine and prevent frizz, as you gently unravel each one of them.


3) The Braid


Braids are a timeless way to achieve beachy waves. They allow you to choose how you want your waves to come out like.

If you want to have a little bit of volume and movement on the bottom half of your hair, we suggest you do a loose side braid. If you want waves all over, you can French braid your pigtails. To make your waves looser-looking, you can try using one single braid down, instead of braiding two sections. The bigger your braids are, the looser they will be.

Step 1: Before you start braiding, make sure your hair is damp. Then part them into two sections for your pigtails

Step 2: Braid the two sections tightly/loosely, depending on your desired result. Secure the ends with an elastic band.

Step 3: To create a more natural look, you can run your fingers through your hair gently to pull the braids apart, then loosen them slightly. 


4) Rollers


This method may seem a little old-school when compared to using advanced heat styling tools, but it really does deliver the same gorgeous results.

If you’re aiming for a Victoria’s Secret Angel kind of waves, you can opt for larger rollers. Otherwise, you can get those that have smaller circumference. We suggest that you look for foam or Velcro rollers that aren't too hard to sleep in, should you want to leave them overnight.

Step 1: Start by applying a lightweight mousse or hairspray onto your hair. Make sure it’s damp, by spraying some water on it.

Step 2: Divide into 2-inch sections, then coil your hair around the rollers. Continue until you finish wrapping all of the small sections.

Step 3: When you wake up in the morning, you can take them out, then spritz with a bit of hairspray to make sure they hold up. Glide your fingers through them or use a large paddle brush for a perfect tousled look.


5) The Twist Bun


If you have a big event ahead and don't want to fry your hair with a heat styling tool, this Minque hair blog features the twist bun, which is a great way to create waves or curls without any worry about damaging your hair.

Step 1: Before you start, dampen your hair by spritsing a spray bottle on it or washing it. If you opt to wash your hair, it would be a great idea to use a volumising shampoo.  

Step 2: Create two sections by parting your hair towards the middle.

Step 3: Grab the first section to create a high pigtail. Proceed with twisting it like a rope.

Step 4: Continue twisting the hair till you reach the end. Tie with an elastic band.

Step 5: Do this process with the other section. You can choose to sleep in them.

Step 6: You can do this hairstyle during the day a few hours before going out, till you completely dry your hair.

Step 7: Once your hair is completely dry, you can loosen the twisted buns and run your fingers through them to comb them.

Step 8: Finish by spritsing on some hairspray, then scrunch to achieve volume.


6)  The Sock Bun


Sock buns are an easy, no-heat way to get soft, natural-looking curls. Apart from the curls, this hairstyle also effectively adds volume to your hair. 

Step 1: Get an old sock. Cut off the toe part. Your goal is to make a tube out of the sock.  

Step 2: Pull your hair into a high ponytail then secure with an elastic band.

Step 3: Proceed with rolling up the sock till it’s ring-shaped, then slip it over the ponytail.

Step 4:  Grab the ends of your hair, put them at the center of the sock, then roll it down all the way to the base of the ponytail. As you do this, you will loop your hair around the sock.

Step 5: Roll the sock farther to include more hair. Continue doing this until you reach the top of your head.

Step 7: Tuck the bun by using bobby pins.

Step 8: You can sleep in with the bun and unwind in the morning for loose, gorgeous waves.

Sexy, spiral curls need not be achieved with heat styling tools all the time. All it takes is a little resourcefulness— and sometimes, with an arsenal of bobby pins, a bit of effort, and having a can of hairspray in handy. 

See, you don’t have to put your hair into any heat ordeal anymore! Most of the methods we have mentioned above produce results that can last you up to two to three days. Whether you want to try them overnight or instantly, these easy methods in our Minque hair extensions blog can you help you achieve beautiful curls the heatless way!

We hope you had fun reading our Minque hair blog today. You are more than welcome to let us know how we can help you with your hair. You can also post your comments below. We would love to see your pictures using the methods we have mentioned. Till our next blog!

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