Minque Hair Extensions: Hacks to Achieve a Thicker-Looking Ponytail

Minque Hair Extensions: Hacks to Achieve a Thicker-Looking Ponytail


If you have thin hair, you must know what real ponytail envy is. When you see someone else with a thick, long and voluminous ponytail bouncing by, all you might think about is how limp and thing yours is in comparison. Well, that all ends here. We have gathered five surefire hacks to achieve thicker-looking ponytails. Here they are:


1) Recreate The Ariana Grande Ponytail With Minque Hair Extensions


Ariana Grande is famous for way more than her voice. Her signature ponytail has fascinated women around the world and always had everyone hashtagging “#ponytailgoals.” If you’re one of those women who want to rock Ariana’s flirty ponytail, you can do so by using Minque hair extensions. Check out the video above or this step-by-step guide. 


Step 1:  Brush your hair and make sure it is tangle free.

Step 2: Create a high ponytail, leaving the perimeter out.

Step 3: Then get your Minque ponytail hair extensions. Attach them to the top of your ponytail in the middle.

Step 4: As the video shows, our Minque ponytail hair extensions come with an extra strand. Use this to conceal your hair tie.

Step 5: You can opt to use hairspray or holding gel to slick any excess hair down. You’re good to go!


2) Double It Up


After discovering this Minque hair blog, you must’ve thought “Why didn’t I find this any sooner?” Many women often want to rock a bouncy ponytail but rather not because they think it might not look as fabulous as the one they see on the magazine cover.

This method can help you create an illusion of a voluminous ponytail. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Part your hair into two sections, one at the bottom then one at the top.

Step 2: To make it easier, you secure the top part first, by gathering your hair on the top half into a semi-high ponytail. Secure with an elastic band, but not too tightly. Otherwise, it will look flat.

Step 3: Proceed with the bottom half of your hair. Secure it into another ponytail and tie with an elastic band. Again, not too tightly.

Step 4: Smoothen and blend the sections to create a thicker-looking ponytail. If you want, you can add waves or light curls to give it a little texture.


 3) Tease It

Teasing your hair to add volume to your ponytail is definitely a no-brainer, but if you’re not doing it right, it won’t yield your expected result. You shouldn’t backcomb only one section on your hair. Here’s a quick Minque hair step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Part your hair into three sections. You can do this even when you have thin hair. You can also use a big brush to tease your hair instead of a teasing comb. 

Step 2: Tease each one to achieve more thickness, then spritz some hair spray.

Step 3: Once done, gather all of the teased hair from the different sections. Smoothen them with a brush or with your fingers then tie them altogether. 



4) Use Bobby Pins Or A Small Hair Clamp


While Minque hair extensions are a surefire way to make thicker-looking ponytails, this simple, time-saving hack brings your style to a more voluminous level –with just two little bobby pins.

Step 1: Grab your hair up into a ponytail. You can use our hairstylist-recommended ponytail trick, which is to tilt your head downward. Secure with a hair tie.

Step 2: Next, use bobby pins to prop it up. Stick one bobby pin underneath your ponytail, on each side, through the tie. Criss-cross the two bobby pins. This makes your ponytail appear fuller.

Step 3: Smoothen out your ponytail by gently brushing it, then add a little ruffle using your fingertips to fluff it up.

Alternatively, you can also use a small hair clamp to volumise your ponytail.

Step 1: Simply pull your hair into a pony, then secure it with a tie.

Step 2: Pull half of it up.

Step 3: Grab a clamp then open it as wide as you can.

Step 4: Tuck it in exactly where you pulled half of your ponytail up. 


5)  Add Some Waves


Waves always make your hair appear thicker. Add a beach wave effect to your pony by applying a texturising spray or mousse especially to the body and roots of your hair.

Step 1: Before tying your ponytail, apply the mousse or spray. 

Step 2: You can flip your hair upside down, then scrunch or tousle your hair into beach waves.  

Step 3: Pull your hair up into a ponytail, then secure with a thin hair tie. 

Step 4: Pull some hair out on the sides for a sassy look.

OPTIONAL: Grab a small portion of hair from your pony and use it to coil around the tie to hide it. You can also tease your ponytail for an even more voluminous effect. 

Ponytails have well evolved over the years—from high on the head to low over the nape of the neck, from super loose to super tight, and vice versa. The tricks we have just mentioned should help you keep up with the ongoing trend. 

Check out some of our fave influencers and how they transformed their ponies to total #ponytailgoals with our Minque Ponytail hair extensions!

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Shani Grimmond : Wears shade caramel swirl

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Allie Auton: Wears shade Platinum Blonde

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Rhiannon Darney: Wears shade Vanilla Blonde

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of ponytail hacks today. Do check back our site every now and then for new Minque hair styling blogs. Feel free to drop your comments below, too. Or you can contact us, if you think you need help selecting your clip-in ponytail hair extensions.

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