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Minque Hair's Guide To Achieving Long, Healthy Hair at Home



So, we have the inside guide for getting long healthy luscious hair and it’s much easier than you would think.

It really is as simple and changing up a few simple habits and then watching your beautiful new locks grow.

Hair Extension transformation

Some of us are born with it, and some of us need to listen to the hair gods a little bit more carefully but it really is only a few simple tricks that will put you on the path to the most dreamy hair of your life. 

Tip #1 – The most important tip… cut down your heat styling. I know we love to use our hair straighteners but c’mon now, 230 degrees on our precious mane daily, isn’t helping our follicles. This includes using heat on your Hair Extensions.

It may just be time to get savvy with your hair wand or your hair dryer. With an average hair dryer pumping out 130 degrees that’s a 100 degree saving for our hair and trust me…. It works.
Stay tuned for hairstyles using only your hairdryer in the next few weeks!

How to Style Hair Extensions

Tip #2 – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!! All the moisture and natural oils we remove from washing and styling our heavenly sent cuticles need to be replaced to make it strong and bouncy again. So, get serious about your weekly treatment, even boost it up to twice a week and find something that really works for your hair.

We are even working on a Minque Hair Extensions guide to DIY home hair treatments to help you out, so stay tuned.

Avoid overly thick creams and be sure to rise very well after treating, so styling is still a breeze and so you don’t have to wash it every second day. The team at Minque love to use coconut oil as a natural alternative and like to place a small amount in our hair before we go to bed each night!

We also recommend using a hair treatment or masque like the Kiki Hydrate Masque. The hydrate masque includes a specially selected luxurious mix of oil-enriched botanical's to restore vitality, leaving your hair instantly smooth and soft. Use the Hydrate Hair Extensions Masque on your hair and also Minque hair extensions to lock in moisture and nourish your remy extensions from within. 

Coconut Oil For Hair Extensions | How to look after hair extensions

Tip #3 – A hair insiders trick, listen closely! After you have finished washing your hair in the shower, rinse your whole head with cold water. Yep! Cold water. Just like the pores in our skin, the hair cuticles relax when heat is applied, so it only makes sense to shock those locks back into a more structured state with a quick blast of cold water.

This will help to create luster and shine by sealing the cuticle. It really doesn’t add much extra time to your weekly hair schedule to start creating the greatest hair of your life, it may however just take a little bit more planning to change our bad habits.  

Feeling impatient? Dont worry. We hear you!  For those of you that just cant wait, we have you covered. We stock 22" and 26" hair extensions for those who want a little or a lot more. Just click on the picture of our gorgeous model Holly below, to see all your options for long and voluminous hair.

Coconut Oil For Hair Extensions | How to look after hair extensions
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