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Minque Hair's Guide to Washing and Styling Long Hair

Whether you have a full set of Minque hair extensions in or you are just blessed with great long locks naturally, keeping your hair looking amazing at all times comes down to how well you wash and care for your hair.

We all know that having a full head of beautiful hair extensions no matter the method means that we have to dedicate time to washing, drying, and styling. But we all know it’s worth it.

So in this guide, we want to show you not only the best ways but the quickest ways to care for your crowning glory.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Firstly, no one likes to wash their hair too often… I mean who has the time to wash and dry and style every day.

To cut down time in between washes, the team at Minque Hair Extensions recommend doing not one but two really thorough shampoos.

Make sure you massage the scalp and release all the oils so that it removes all excess dirt. You will notice that the second shampoo will lather up a lot more than the first, and this is what we are looking for.

A 20c piece worth of shampoo is more than enough to do the job so let’s get those locks squeaky clean. 

Secondly, another way to prevent premature grease in our hair is to make sure we only apply conditioner from the ears down.

Keeping in mind our scalp provides more than enough oils to nourish the top section but the bottom definitely needs a little bit of extra help to lock in moisture and stay nourished especially after colouring and heat styling.

We have finished washing our hair and hair extensions, and it’s time to towel dry and remove excess water. Once this is done its time to blow dry.

Blow drying properly from the roots and stretching the hair out with a round brush really helps to smooth out the hair and make it feel and move like silk.

The team at Minque Hair like to separate the hair into 4-5 sections to make blow drying easier.

It’s important when styling to make sure the hair is 100% dry before applying any heat tools.

This is also a great time to add the leave in serum from the Hydrate series as it is the perfect heat protector for your own hair as well as hair extensions, and helps to leave the hair feeling soft and bouncy.

Minque Hair Extensions Curly Hair | Payment plans extensions 

Right, now we are on the home stretch…

This is where you can either choose to wear your hair straight, add a flick or even curl them up in order to blend seamlessly with your Minque Hair pieces whether they be Tape extensions, Clip in extensions or even a Clip in ponytail.

Remember we are aiming to only wash our hair every 4-5 days so the style you choose after washing will be made to last the distance.

And of course, last but not least with an honourable mention comes DRY SHAMPOO.

How we lived without it I’m not sure, but it sure does help to stretch out this hair washing routine we have. Stay tuned for our Minque Guide to dry shampoo’s coming soon.



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