Reasons to choose Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Reasons to choose Micro Bead Hair Extensions

I don't know about you, but I find that once my hair reaches a certain length, it then takes forever to grow any longer!  I know hair has life cycles which cause it to shed/ grow when it does but come on, I'm just after a teeny more length! This, my friends, is a very good reason to choose Micro Bead Hair extensions.  If you've been on the fence about trying out our awesome Micro Beads, have a read below and see if I can't convince you that you need them in your life. 

If you're already sold you can view them here! Don't forget we offer AfterPay. You're welcome. 

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Buying from Minque

We understand that there are many hair extension companies out there and it may be a bit overwhelming to order online, but we are here to help and put you at ease. 

We at Minque, have been doing this for over 10 years and we specialise in all things hair extensions, it's not simply a 'side project' for us. 

We wholesale to many salons as well as insert extensions ourselves, so if you're not able to get to our salons in Brisbane or Melbourne, we can recommend one of our stockists to you. (If you're after this information feel free to email us here)

Because we have such an interest in all things hair extensions, we stock 100% Remy Human Hair over synthetic hair.  We feel this is a closer match to your own head of hair.

Our extensions are made to last and blend, so they are all double drawn.  Be careful with cheap knock-offs as this is where the difference is -  our double drawn extensions are just as thick at the ends of the hair as they are up top, so no mullet styles when you purchase from us. 

Another benefit of Remy human hair is that you can style, straighten, curl etc your extensions as you would your own hair. 


How are micro beads attached? 

micro hair extensions

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Micro beads extensions are a way to insert hair extensions into your hair.  they are different from other methods, as they are inserted by bundle instead of weft throughout a lot more sections of your hair, meaning a more natural look.  Because the beads are so tiny, they are virtually undetectable, giving you a better end result.  It also means you can ramp up your hair styles without worrying about your tape showing. 

Choosing your extensions

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Like all of our other extensions, you will have quite a few options to go through in order to find your perfect match. 


Your options are 20 inch length and 26 inch length.  As the microbeads are attached at different sections in your hair, this length will vary, but the 20 inch will be slightly above your waist.  The 26 inch will fall just below your wait, so the choice is yours as to how long you want to go.


Quite a few options again, firstly, will you go block or balayage?  Normally we recommend to stick to the colour that most closely matches the ends of your hair, but the unique thing about micro beads is that because the grams are attached to small sections of hair, you can add your own colour and it will look amazing. 


Unlike our other forms of extensions, micro hair extensions are sold by grams, instead of wefts or bundles. The reason for this is because you only need 1 gram of extension per micro bead. 

Your gram options are : 

50 pieces: Half Head 50grams - For volume only

100 pieces: Full Head 100grams - For a more natural result

150 pieces: Full Head and a Half 150grams - To extend medium or thick hair

200 pieces: Two Full Heads 200grams- To extend short hair as well as maximum thickness

Now that you're up to speed on what Microbeads are, here are the top 7 reasons you should take the plunge and spoil yourself with some! 

1. You get some hairdresser pampering

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Unlike our non permanent extension options, with micro bead extensions, you will most definitely need a professional on the case, in order for them to be installed correctly, securely and with minimal hair damage.  As mentioned above, we can hook you up with a reputable salon that uses our extensions and beads, just shoot us through an email here

While it will take up to 3 hours to get your micro beads attached, you know that you won't be doing the work yourself and you get to reap the benefits for almost a whole season! 

2. Super gentle on your hair

This particular technique is time consuming for a reason.  Not only does it give you the most natural result out of all of the permanent options, it is also the gentlest technique for your own head of hair.   To me, this is one of the main reasons I'd steer more towards the micro beads than any other permanent method.  

The micro beads are created with a silicone coating inside, so when your hair and the extensions are fastened with the bead, they are touching nothing but silicone which is as gentle as can be. 

3.  Compliment City

So you've done the hard yards and your three hours at your hairdressers is now done with, all that's left now is for you to head out and enjoy the masses of compliment you are bound to receive.  Have a morning meeting?  Hair on point, work lunch?  A quick brush and you're good to go.  Night out?  Why not add some waves and you'll look like you've been at the hairdressers again! 

I personally don't correct people when they mention my own hair looking so long and healthy, totally up to you, but you can rest assured, unless you mention it, no one will ever realise your locks have had some enhancements! 

4.  Long hair for days and days..

micro bead hair extensions, micro hair extensions, hair extensions Australia

Whilst I do love me my clip in extensions, it does get tiresome to have to take them out and put them in day in and day out.  When you're getting to the stage where you are using them daily, it's well and truly time to take the plunge and go for a more permanent option such as micro beads.   You can then get up in the morning and go about your routine knowing your long hair is already in place and ready to slay the day. 

5. Low Maintenance

This is probably the best reason.. did you know your micro beads can stay securely in place for anywhere between 2-3 months?  Yes, really!  This means you can enjoy your long hair for almost a whole season without having to spend another 3 hour session at the hairdressers! What a win! 

We do recommend you do get your hairdressers at the 6-8 week mark, especially if this is your first time with microbeads, so that they can check that everything is still in place and looking good.  I would normally time this with your regular haircut, so no biggie. 

6. Add different shades with ease

Heading to that 3-month mark where it's time to re-attach and wanting a change?  No problem!  Because these extensions attach such small grams at a time, you can easily grab yourself another set in a different colour (or another two for good measure) Your hairdresser can then integrate these in with the original extensions and there you go, a brand new look! 

7. Spend no more

Yet another great reason to get you some micro extensions are the fact that you can use the very same grams of hair time and time again! So unless you are wanting to deviate from your usual shade as mentioned above, you will possibly not need to spend for a very long time on any more micro bead extensions.

How is this possible you ask?  Because the beading technique is so gentle, the extensions are good to go for many more rounds in your hair. 

And that's me done, I think all the reasons above are pretty good but don't take my word for it, if you get them done yourself, you will reap the many benefits including hair that stays healthy, thanks to this super gentle technique, low maintenance, longevity of the extensions and much much more. 

Liked this blog or have any suggestions? To contact us about this blog, or to inquire about any of our products or services, please click here, we always love hearing from you! Make sure you also use this link to send me photos of your own hairstyles!

To view our microbead extension range and get started on your journey to amazingly natural looking long hair point your mouse  here


 ‘Til Next Time

The Minque Hair Team



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