The lowdown on Weft Hair extensions

The lowdown on Weft Hair extensions

If you have dabbled in our temporary hair extensions and are now ready to commit to something more long term, one of the more permanent hair extensions we stock are the Weft hair extensions. 

There are a lot of different products that you can use but if you are after something that will stay put for 8-12 weeks (yass!) with no danger of falling out, take a look at our weft hair extensions

Firstly, let's quickly review why you should choose Minque for your weft extension needs: 

  • We are an Australian company with salons in Melbourne and Brisbane
  • We can recommend salons which stock our products to put in your weft extensions (reach out to us here)
  • 100% Premium Remy human hair
  • Extensions are all double drawn - which means they are equally as thick from top to bottom, this is important as you don't want your hair to look thinner on either end! 
  • Because we use premium Remy human hair, you can style, dye, brush your hair as you would your own hair
  • Quality of our hair also means that you can re-use them and as long as you maintain them by brushing, they will last you a long while.


Let's dive into more all things weft hair extensions, shall we?

What you need to know

As mentioned above, if you have already used a few non-permanent hair extensions, found a look you love and are ready to commit to having those extensions in full time, look no further than the weft. 

What exactly is Weft? 

Weft is just one of the many forms of hair extensions that we have on offer here at Minque.  What differs it from others is the permanent nature and the different techniques that you can choose to have it placed in your hair.  You have the option of braided, weaved, beaded or sewn.

What makes it unique to clip ins, tape or halo extensions is that it is attached to several different rows of your hair, which gives a more blended and natural look that just can't be achieved with one layer of extensions.

Attaching weft extensions

For all options below, we do recommend a trained, qualified hairdresser complete the process.  Expect to be in the chair for 2-3 hours.  Your payoff is long, gorgeous tresses with the most natural movement, you'll forget it's not your own hair! 

Option 1 Braided 

For this, the hairdresser will create rows of small braids in your hair, and integrate the weft extensions into these rows. 

Option 2  Weaved

Much like the above method, your hairdresser will create different rows in which the weft will be placed, this is then weaved in with the strands of your hair. 

Option 3 Beaded

This is one of the more popular methods.  Beginning as above, rows of hair are parted and the weft is this time attached to your natural hair by a small bead, which is then placed in place securely using a special tool.  The bead is so small that it is invisible once inserted. You can even tie your hair up without a problem! 

Option 4 Sewn

Sounds scary, but it's not, trust me!  After your hairdresser creates the first row, a weft is sewn in (painless, don't worry) and integrated with your own hair using a thread.  Basically the thread is looped around the bead attached to the weft to secure it in place.  This is another one of the most popular methods here. 

Once this process is complete you will have beautifully long and thick hair for up to 12 weeks, making this one of the most long lasting methods for attaching hair extensions. 

weft hair extensions australia

How does it compare to tape extensions? 

Tape extensions are also a more permanent method, difference being the way they are placed in the hair.  Let's recap tape shall we? 

Tape extensions will give you a 1-inch bundle of hair which is adhered to your own hair by a thin film of glue, or 'tape' as its called. They get their name as the method used to place them onto your hair is similar to how you would use sticky tape. 

Tape takes less than an hour to insert, but you always run the risk of the tape slipping if not inserted by a qualified professional, or if you are too rough with your hair.  You will need to have your tape extensions moved up again every 8-12 weeks, maybe less depending on your hair growth rate. 

This method also required medical grade adhesive, to when removing, be sure to have a trained professional do the job, or you run the risk of having sticky matted hair if not correctly removed. 

Because the weft fully integrates with your own hair, it is more suited to those who want the peace of mind that their hair won't budge no matter what they are doing.

How does it compare to microbead hair extensions? 

The other permanent hair extension type is microbeads.  They have a small similarity in that beads are used to keep the hair in place, however microbeads attach a small strand of hair to a thin piece of your own hair with the bead.

While both Weft and Microbead hair extensions use beads and your own hair rather than adhesive, this process is more time consuming as you are not doing a 1inch weft at a time, but a strand at a time.   So if you're after the same security as a microbead however don't have 5 hours to sit at the hairdressers, the Weft may be the best option for you. 

How do I choose the correct weft for me? 

Once you've decided to go forth with your weft (good choice, girl) you may then be overwelmed by the choices on offer, so let's break it down and make it simple for you to pick the correct option!


The first choice you will need to make is the length of your hair extensions.  

You can choose from 20inch as seen below, usually a good starting point if you've never had long extensions in and not sure if they will be too 'long' for you. 


weft hair extensions

photo source: Minque Hair

For extreme length there is also the 26-inch option.  If you're confident you need super long hair this is your go to.

weft hair extensions australia

  photo source: Minque Hair


There are approximately 30 colour options for you, including a block colour or balayage wefts.  The choice is entirely yours, however if you do have a block colour currently, its probably best to try to match that for seamless integration. 

If you are currently a balayage babe, we've got you covered also with our wide range of balayage options. 

Having trouble deciding or not sure on which colour suits you best?  Head over to our weft colour page and use our 'Find My Shade' form, or email us here.


Ok, you've now chosen your length and colour, so now time to decide how many grams of the wefts you need. 

Generally, this decision is based on what your current hair is like in terms of thickness and length. How natural or 'full' you want your hair to appear once all done will also help determine the grams you select. 

Your three options below:

Classic Set: Gives you 100grams of hair and is suitable for those beauties with thin hair, or if your hair is fairly long already. This will also produce a natural result, not so much volume in this option.

Luxe Set:  This set is 150grams of weft loveliness and is suitable if you already have medium to thick hair.  This option definitely adds volume to your look.

Deluxe Set: The ultimate in volume, this option has 200 grams of weft which is suitable for short-haired babes or for those looking for ultra volume and thickness.

That's all the lowdown on weft hair extensions, hopefully you have enough information to go ahead and take the plunge on this type of extensions we have on offer.  To summarise, when you buy Weft from us, please rest assured, you are getting premium quality hair extensions from an Australian salon who specialises in hair extensions!  We can help you find a qualified hairdresser to install them, whether you choose to have them braided, weaved, sewn or beaded in.  There are several lengths colours and weights to choose from, so you will be sure to find something that suits you and you will be well on your way to luscious hair.

photo source: Minque Hair

To view our 20 inch range please click here

Or if you're ready for our 26 inch range, see them here

Have you purchased and had our weft extensions added in already?  I'd love to see your before and afters, so send through some images to us here!


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‘Til Next Time,
Yours In Hair
Minque x



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