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Tips For Treating Fine Or Thinning Hair Naturally


Every day we lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair, through natural shedding. This can vary depending on the individual’s hair density, health and hormones and even from factors like the weather.

It’s important that if you are suffering from fine or thinning hair that you don't let your scalp become overly greasy. This tends to block up the follicles and stop them from functioning properly.

A great tip is to rise with Sage tea. Make the tea strong and leave to cool.

We recommend rinsing hair daily with it for several weeks which also helps with dandruff! What a great added bonus.

Tips for treating fine hair


Another tip is to use Peppermint juice. Water down and sprayed on your scalp and massage through. Then leave on for an hour or so before washing. This helps to stimulate the blood flow and increase circulation to the hair follicles.


Peppermint for treating fine hair

A University study published in the UK concluded that women who suffered from thinning hair due to hormones and had 

placed a damp, cool towel on their scalp for 20 minutes a day 

were far less susceptible to hair shedding than those who did not wrap their hair. The study successfully concluded that it was another natural form of stimulating the remaining follicles. Not to mention it's cheap and easy to try.

Make sure that you don’t avoid light brushing for fear of shedding. The natural oils that our scalp produces are a great way to protect your hair and the only way to spread them down the hair shaft is to brush.

How to brush thin hair

For those who feel that they are past the point of replenishing their locks naturally, we are here to offer some great news.

At Minque Hair Extensions, we provide ourselves on offering our clients a complete range of safe and effective hair extension solutions for those that need a bit of extra help. We have designed a range of Halo Hair Extensions and Ponytails that can be held In securely with combs and wire. This means it does not place any additional stress on the natural hair but creates a fuller and more lush hair style so you don’t have to feel conscious.



Halo Hair Extensions

Remember you are not alone when it comes to fine and thinning hair and there are so many ways that you can help to improve your hair naturally or with the help of hair additions and pieces.

If you are not sure what type of extension is right for you, please feel free to email one of our trained professionals at Minque Hair for advice at:



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