Start your sumer with halo hair extensions

Start your sumer with halo hair extensions

We’re getting to that time of the year where you will be looking forward to fake tans and dresses. There’s nothing better than jumping out of bed into a fun little dress is there?  Almost nothing - your halo hair extensions are sure to fit right into your summer vibe.

Before summer begins, it’s a good idea to go through a few steps to ensure you get the best out of your easy as can be halo. If you're new to the halo game, today we’ll cover how to find the best halo for you and if you already have one, any adjustments that need to be made to your halo for summer use. We’ll then cover some general maintenance and styling ideas.


lets get to your halo..halo..halo.


Never owned a halo? 

halo extensions

photo source: Minque Hair

You’ve come to the right place as I will happily guide you to your best hair yet, featuring the halo.

Firstly, if you’re not completely sure how halo extensions work, they are a non-permanent way of enhancing your hair, meaning, you can take it on and off yourself in mere seconds. 

The halo sits in at the crown of your head, sort of like a headband would. Instead of a headband, however, the hair is held in place by a thin wire, which by being placed in the middle of your hair, it is much easier to blend in with your own hair.  The wire is also very thin and undetectable.

When you first put on your halo, you will need to adjust the wire to the size of your head.  Once this is done the first time it will be all ready for future uses.

Below is a video to demonstrate just how easy it is to firstly, adjust and then insert your halo.

Attaching your halo extensions

Things to think about for a summer purchase


While you won't have much maintenance if you are just buying your halo for summer, some things to think on are: 

Halo Length

  • Am I planning to cut my hair for summer? 

The halo comes in two lengths, 20 and 26 inch, which, depending on what you are after will either give you waist length hair (20") or longer! (26")

If you know you are planning on cutting a bit off, go with the 20".

 Halo Colour

  • Am I planning to change my hair colour for summer? 

 When it comes to colour, it's best to go for the colour you are going to be when ewaring the halo. This is because the the halo sits between two layers of own hair, so matching to your colour is imperative.  If you are unsure of the colour you should use, please try our Find my shade form.

Halo Grams

  • How thick do I want my hair this summer?

The grams are the amount of hair that will be added to your own hair.  We find the best way to judge this is to decide if you want a natural or lusciously thick look.  If you're after a more natural look, or if you have thin hair, go for the  Classic Set of 120gram.  After a thicker mane, or already have thick hair? Opt for The Deluxe Set of 220gram.

 Stay tuned for extra maintenance tips and styles below!


Already a proud halo owner?

halo hair extensions australia

photo source: Minque Hair

If you’ve been rocking your halo this winter, you may have had it dyed or not given it a trim. The below will help you ensure your halo is in top condition for all your summer events!

To Dye For

If you dyed your halo it’s a good idea to check the colour is still the best fit for your summer look. If it’s a bit too dark you can either visit your hairdresser to ensure it is still blending in correctly or if you’re going a lot lighter, why not grab a summer halo?

Perfect summer length

Similarly, you may wish to give your halo and your own hair a little or big trim, which will help to keep a fresh, healthy look. To ensure the best results please see a hairdresser qualified and knowledgeable with hair extensions.  If you don't have one in mind, reach out to us here and we will refer you to the closest we know! 

Check that fit

If you've been wearing your extensions all year round, it's a good idea to make sure the fit of your halo is still correct.  You can loosen and tigthten your halo wire to suit your needs, and just remember to re-tighten it once you are happy with the fit again.


General maintenance

halo extensions

photo source: Minque Hair

Okay, so now you have the perfect halo which is suited to your summer needs and fitting correctly.  Let's look at some general maintenance so that you keep your gorgeous halo looking as fab as it did the day you bought it!

Be sun smart

We all know the sun has harmful UVA/UVB rays that can damage your skin if you are exposed for prolonged periods of time, but did you know the same can be said for your hair? 

To avoid this kind of exposure it's a good idea to wear a hat when out in the sun as well as spray your hair before going into the sun without

Kiki Hydrate Leave-In Moisturiser which you will love for its superior heat protection and general hydration to your hair.

Brush and brush often

Brush your gorgeous halo before placing in your hair if it's looking a tad less silky, when in your hair to blend it in and once it's out so as to keep it silky smooth.

We recommend using the Tangle Teezer brush, as its unique design is gentle on extensions and your hair alike, and will never pull or snag the hair. You can even use this in your own hair in the shower! 

Working out ?

If you fancy having gorgeous hair in during your workout (don't blame you)  just be sure to brush your hair prior, and put it up and well off your face and neck.  It is also recommended to wash your hair once it's been in contact with sweat.  Which brings me to...

Washing your halo

If your halo is looking in need of some TLC it may be time to give it a wash.  The best products by far to do this is our Kiki Hydrate range which will restore all moisture and shine. 

If you've never washed your halo or any other hair extensions before, take a look at our comprehensive video here which will guide you through the process.


 Styling your halo

Because your halo is ultra discreet with it's thin and invisible wire, the choice is yours for how you want to style it! 

Classic waves

halo extensions, halo hair extensions australia

photo source: Minque Hair

Waves just scream summer don't they?  I'm absolutely obsessed with waves and this look is great for your evening social events.

To create this look: 

  • Insert your halo as demonstrated back in point one.
  • Spray your hair with some Kiki Hydrate Leave-In Moisturiser
  • Allow the leave-in to dry
  • Grab your curler of choice, I prefer to create waves with my hair straightener but whatever works for you. 
  • Section off your hair for best results
  • When you get to the front section (this will be your own hair) comb it towards the back of your head tease it a bit, then curl.


Top knot bun

halo extensions, halo hair extensions australia

photo source: Minque Hair

I love me a top knot bun, it is pretty effortless yet big on results.  The top knot will take you from brunch to dinner without you skipping a beat. 

Creating your bun

  • You will need an elastic and about 6 bobby pins to fasten your hair
  • Place your halo extensions into your hair as per the video we showed you earlier
  • You can either leave the hair straight or add a little wave into it as shown in the photo above
  • Grab four inches of hair and create a mini ponytail on top of your hair, fasten with your elastic
  • ensure to do this beyond where your halo wire sits. 
  • twirl the ponytail and pin it into place

 Ready to make the plunge?  You can see the whole range here what are you waiting for? Remember, with a halo you are in no way committed to having extensions in all summer long, you can always pop them in and out in under 30 seconds, making them the perfect accessory for your Christmas parties and events! Just watch the barrage of compliments coming your way.

 Have you purchased yourself a halo already? Tell me what your favourite thing about it is and if you've learned something new with our maintenance and styling tips! Send through some pictures so we can see how you’ve styled your thick locks! 

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If you have any suggestions or questions please get in touch with us, we love hearing from you! Email us here


‘Til Next Time,

Yours In Hair

Minque x

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