Weft Hair Extensions: FAQ

Weft Hair Extensions: FAQ

Today's blog will bring you up to speed and answer all the questions you didn't know you had on Weft Hair Extensions. That's right, we are here to keep you informed on all things weft, like what is it, how it is attached as well as advice on how to choose your weft and whether you should consider getting a weft extension adhered to your hair. 

About Us

Minque Hair Salon has been part of the hair extensions industry for over 12 years and with two salons housing talented and trained hair extension hairdressers, we like to think we can readily answer any questions you may have. 

We are passionate about not only selling the best human grade Remy hair extensions but also about attaching them seamlessly as well as providing haircare to suit your extensions as well as your own hair. 


Q1) What is Weft?

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Weft is a form of hair extensions application that we are fully trained in here at Minque.  It is part of our permanent hair extension range, along with tape and micro beading.

Weft is different due to the various methods that can be used to adhere it to your head (we'll cover this in question 3) as well as the fact that it is attached to several sections of your head, giving an integrated look that only permanent hair extensions can do.

The other difference is that a whole piece is attached across a whole section of your head, rather than 1 inch bundles or pieces.

Like all our other extensions, our weft is made from Premium Remy human hair, so you can cut, style and colour as you would your own hair, making them an absolute breeze to keep in your hair and change up as you see fit. 

Q2) Can you help me decide if I am ready for permanent hair extensions?  

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This is totally up to you and our advice to those looking to start using permanent hair extensions is to be sure that they absolutely are happy to have long and thicker hair for a 10 week plus period without the option of easy removal as you would non-permanent extensions.  If you feel this is something you can commit to, go for it! 

If you are still unsure if you want the length and volume nonstop for 1 weeks, perhaps you are better off trying a different type of non-permanent hair extension range such as our clip in ponytails, clip on hair extensions or halo hair extensions.

Q3)How is it applied to my head?

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Weft is applied by either braiding, sewing, weaving or beading.  All techniques are done gently to ensure the hair and weft is sitting where it should be at all times, without snagging or pulling any hair.

Option 1 Braided 

For this, the hairdresser will create sections of small braids in your hair, and integrate the weft extensions into these rows. 

Option 2  Weaved

Much like the above method, your hairdresser will create different rows in which the weft will be placed, this is then weaved in with the strands of your hair. 

Option 3 Beaded

This is one of the more popular methods.  Beginning as above, rows of hair are parted and the weft is this time attached to your natural hair by a small bead, which is then placed in place securely using a special tool.  The bead is so small that it is invisible once inserted. You can even tie your hair up without a problem! 

Option 4 Sewn

Sounds scary, but it's not, trust me!  After your hairdresser creates the first row, a weft is sewn in (painless, don't worry) and integrated with your own hair using a thread.  Basically, the thread is looped around the bead attached to the weft to secure it in place.  This is another one of the most popular methods here. 

Once this process is complete you will have beautiful long and thick hair for up to 12 weeks, making this one of the most long lasting methods for attaching hair extensions. 

Q4) Will it hurt?

Some of these options (looking at you, sewn in weft) may sound painful, but they aren't at all.  At no point will your skin be punctured, the weft is simply integrated with your own hair on each side of it by some thread.

Q5) How do I choose the right application method for me? 

As there are a few options to choose from, the best thing to do is to read up on each method and see which method you think will work best for you and your hair.  The most popular method and the ones usually used in our salons are 

Q6) What if I can't get used to it? 

While weft extensions are designed to stay in your hair for up to twelve weeks at a time, there is always a chance that you will find that the weft is just not for you. 

Don't panic, but also do give the weft at least a few weeks to ensure you are fully adjusted to them. 

If you are still very sure that you can't make do with them after this period, don't panic!  Weft are designed to stay in for up to twelve weeks, however, they can always be taken out earlier than this period if need be, by a qualified hairdresser. 

Q7) How do I choose the correct weft length?

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The length you choose, again, is entirely up to your personal preference.  If you've never had long hair or dabbled in non-permanent hair extensions, or had a feel of their length, your best bet is to start with the 20 inch option.

The other option you will have is 26 inch, which takes your hair almost past your waist.  That's some serious length there!

Q8) How do I find the right colour? 

We are confident that you will be able to find a suitable shade to match your hair as we have 15 block colours and 9 balayage colours for you to choose from. 

Please take a look at the colours below and if you are not sure which to choose, please use our 'Find My Shade' form and we will assist you in selecting that perfect shade! 

See the range here

Q9) Why do these extensions have a weight? 

The weight of the weft extensions in simple terms is what makes the hair go from normal thickness, to full throttle volume.  You've quite a few options to choose from below and the general rule of thumb is to base your decision on your own hair and how full you want it to look once your wefts are in. 


Ok, you've now chosen your length and colour, so now time to decide how many grams of the wefts you need. 


Classic Set: Is 100 grams of hair and is suitable for thin hair, or if your hair is fairly long already. This will also produce a natural result, not so your finished product will not look over the top with this option.

Luxe Set:  This set is 150grams of the weft hair extensions and is suitable for those rocking medium to thick hair already.  Choose this option for a lot more volume.

Deluxe Set: The be all and end all of volume, this option has 200 grams of weft which is suitable for short-haired ladies or for those looking for extraordinary volume and thickness.


Q10) Can you help me find a qualified hairdresser?

We sure can! Firstly if you are in Melbourne or Brisbane please visit us for all your extension needs!  You can find our details here

If you are not in close proximity to our salons, never fear, we are always happy to help you find a salon that will do a great job with your extension application.  Contact us here and we will provide you with the deets!

There you have it, our top 10 frequently asked questions for Weft hair extensions.  These questions are by far the ones we hear often in the salons, so I hope you have a chance to read through these and familiarise yourself with all things weft in order to be prepared to get them in!

You can view the whole range here, which includes block colours as well as Balayage.  So many choices, if you get overwhelmed, feel free to drop us an email

You can find us on Instagram or like us on Facebook

If you have any suggestions or any questions that we didn't cover here, please get in touch with us, we love hearing from you! Contact us here


‘Til Next Time,

Yours In Hair

Minque x





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