Wholesale Hair Extensions: Our Most Popular Products

Wholesale Hair Extensions: Our Most Popular Products


Maybe you are ready to make a change. Whether you are wanting to have a complete career overhaul or just looking to add an additional income stream to your current business. We may have the answer to all your questions.

Maybe hair extensions are the solution for you! They can offer flexibility, consistent income and provide and excellent complimentary services in salon.
But maybe you don't know how and where to how to start? Well you in luck, You’ve come to the right place. Minque Hair is one of the leading providers of exceptional-quality retail and wholesale hair extensions. To help you make up your mind, allow us to show you our most popular products and why they're worth your every dollar. These products are not only going to be cost effective, but a fast full proof way for you to add value to your life and business.


Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are among Minque Hair's top wholesale hair extensions products.


The original temporary hair extension. Clip ins rose to popularity years ago becuase they are so versatile and can workwith any type of hair.

We here at Minque Hair Extensions feature an extensive range of high-quality clip-in hair extensions, which are a fast and easy solution to thin, lifeless hair. Our clip-ins are suitable for all hair types and are very safe to wear. They are applied using pressure-sensitive clips that are easily removed without pulling on the natural hair. Minque clip-ins are proven to be a gentle and safe alternative to nasty glues, toxic adhesives and harsh bonding solutions. 
Our silicone lined clips mean that even the finest hair is protected when installing a set our our amazing clip in extensions. 

Our clip-ins come in solid colours, beautiful blondes, and flawlessly-blended balayage and ombre shades such as coconut grove, oreo, caramel swirl, and solar eclipse, to name a few.  We also have highlighted colours for those who want a more multi-tonal look.

Balayage clip-in hair extensions are amongst our bestsellers because they offer a low maintenance and completely natural colour finish that is so in fashion right now. They allow women to pull off a flawlessly natural-look without having to wear hair extensions full time. Depending on the desired thickness, we have the Classic Set and the Deluxe Set to choose from, which means there is something to suit everyone.

The Classic Set

  • 120 grams
  • 20 inches or 26 inches
  • For those who have short thin hair and want length, or who have medium to long, thin hair and want both volume and length

The Deluxe Set:

  • 220 grams
  • 20 inches or 26 inches
  • For those who have short thick hair and want length, or who have medium to long, thick hair and want both volume and length
  • For those who want to achieve thick long hair or a more natural result


Clip-in Ponytail Hair Extensions 

Clip-in ponytail hair extensions are among Minque hair's top wholesale hair extensions products.  


The must-have piece of the season. Slick back ponies have been spotted on every major celebrity and are all over your Instagram feeds! They are sleek and chich and the best part is clip-in ponytail hair extensions are perfect for women with all hair types, not just those wanting to add a sophisticated touch to their typical daytime look. Like all of our wholesale hair extensions, our clip-in ponies are double-drawn, thick from top to bottom, and made from premium European Remy hair. Our clients have the choice between our Classic Pony and our Deluxe Pony:

The Classic Pony Set: 

  • 150 grams
  • 22 inches
  • Suitable for those who want a natural-looking ponytail 

The Deluxe Pony Set: 

  • 180 grams
  • 26 inches
  • Suitable for those who want a full, thick and long ponytail


Tape Hair Extensions

Minque tape hair extensions are among the most preferred permanent methods. Individual tapes are applied to the natural hair using a high-grade adhesive. They have become so popular due to their seamless colour coordination and wide construction, ensuring comfortable placement, durability and flatness, and flawless blending into the natural hair.
Tapes have become our stockists #1 go to for hair extensions and its easy to see why, with our competitive pricing, speed in which they can be installed and longevity of the product, which results in great return business for you.

Minque tapes are the among the best wholesale hair extensions you can find, because they come in an impressive range of beautiful shades such as ombres and balayages, highlights, toned blondes, and other stunning solid colours.

Our tapes come in 20" and 26," and are designed with a premium-quality polyurethane top to ensure long-lasting wear. Depending on the desired result, they come in the following choices:

  • 20 pieces: For Half Head 50grams – for volume only
  • 40 pieces: For Full Head 100grams – for a natural result
  • 60 pieces: For Full Head and a Half 150grams – for added length to medium or thick hair
  • 80 pieces: For Two Full Heads 200grams- for added length and volume



Halo Hair Extensions


Halo hair extensions are among Minque Hair's top-selling hair extensions.

You haveno doubt heard the buzz surrounding these hair extensions. They are instant, can be installed by anyone and are completely damage free because of their ingenious and sattachmentchment method
Halo hair extensions are perfect alternatives to clip, tape, bonded, or weft hair extensions. Minque halo hair extensions have greatly fascinated women who are looking to achieve an insta-brand new look without the fear of damaging their hair. Our halo hair extensions are made with a “miracle” invisible wire, thus they are totally undetectable. Our halos are suitable for any type of hair and are very easy to apply. They come in 20” and 26” lengths, in over 20 solid colours: ombres and balayage shades, and highlights. Choose from our Classic and Deluxe Halo sets. 

Classic Halo: 

  • 120 grams
  • Perfect for fine- to medium-density hair 
  • Suitable for long hair
  • For a more natural, thinner transformation

Deluxe Halo 

  • 220 grams
  • Perfect to blend short hair or blunt cut
  • Suitable for those who have thick hair
  • For a thick, glamourous transformation




The wholesale hair extensions we have listed above are our most best-selling extensions. We also have a huge selection of other hair extensions methods like fusions, microbeads, and wefts. In line with our commitment to provide you with the finest hair quality at very reasonable price point, our hair extensions are all ethically-sourced from all over the world, made from high-grade premium Remy Hair. Whichever part of the world you are in, we can get your hair extensions shipped to you at no cost at all. 

Why are hair extensions right for your business?

Why choose Minque Hair Extensions for your valued clients?
Trust! You can trust that Minque Hair is going to provide you with the most comprehensive and durable hair extensions on the market today. You can be assured when offering your long-term clients Minque Hair extensions, that you are providing the most comprehensive and high-quality salon service you can offer. Hair extensions are the perfect add on service to a salon menu to give your clients the hair they have always dreamed of.


How to choose whats right for your clients?
Thats easy! At Minque Hair Extensions, we have no minimum order. This means you can order when you need to and not have lots of expensive stock sitting around not being used.
Its important to know that we offer express shipping on all items which means that your clients will not have to wait very long at all for their amazing new hair and lets be honest, this mean more money in your bank account.
And whats better, is you can even send through a picture of what colour you are after and one of our dedicated team will help you pick the perfect shade for your client. It really is a simple and non complex way of achieving some great results.

Once you register with us and get verified, you can have access to our online industry-exclusive trade prices. You can also talk to us, so you know how to go about the process. Send your queries to info@minquehair.com, and our friendly Customer Support team will attend to you as soon as possible. We're looking forward to having you a part of our valued clientele. We're definitely excited to hear from you! 


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