Why your salon needs Minque Hair Extensions

Why your salon needs Minque Hair Extensions


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If you are a hair salon owner, we know you are busy, busy, busy so today this blog is just for you and aims to provide you with everything you need to know about wholesale hair extensionsWhether you currently stock another brand of hair extensions and are looking to change over, or if you've never stocked hair extensions, please read on for more information!

I will take you through the top reasons you should be stocking Minque hair extensions as well as our haircare range and accessories, some of which include our quality, colour and style range and accessibility.  I will touch on each range we have as well as eligibility.


Why Minque?

Believe you me, there are a lot of hair extension brands out there, and while you will find some good ones, you simply can't go past Minque hair extensions.

We are an Australian company so you can be sure when you purchase from us you are receiving top quality 100% Remy human hair extensions.

Why go human hair vs synthetic?  As a hairdresser, you are accustomed to working with hair on your clients head, so you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of Remy human hair.

The other benefit of using our hair extensions is that you can dye, cut and style the extensions as you would the hair on your clients head.  This makes integrating the extensions in with your client's own hair a breeze.

Hair extensions are all the rage

hair extensions wholesale Australia

Gone are the days when hair extensions were only used by professional stylists on models for runways, these days more and more ladies are opting to have hair extensions adding in for that extra volume and length.

Why should extensions be reserved for celebs only?  The more they become available the more everyday ladies will enjoy the benefits of hair extensions. 

By stocking our range of hair extensions, you will be one of the cutting edge salons providing this amazing service!

They're here to stay 

Let's face it, long hair will never go out of style, nor will luscious hair full of volume and shine! Join us as a whole hair extension stockist to be a part of the trend that is not going anywhere!


Large Range & Styles 


We have an amazing range of hair extensions for you to stock in your salon: 


Our non-permanent range is perfect for your clients who wish to only sometimes embellish their own hair with some extra length and volume.  The best thing about these is that by stocking them, you are able to guide your clients to the right colour/ length for them and then off they go! 

Our non-permanent range includes Ponytail Clip ins, Clip in hair extensions and halo extensions.

Ponytail hair extensions: can be easily applied in under 5 minutes for an amazing ponytail.  It can then be styled to suit, perfect for any festival you may be doing your clients hair for!

Clip In hair extensions:  can be added to your hair when it is down, brushed and styled together with your client's hair for a gorgeous long haired look.

Halo hair extensions: This type of non-permanent extensions are an amazing option for a night out or special event.  Your clients will love this option, as they will be able to purchase and place it in their hair in 30 seconds.  For an added bonus it is just as easy to take out.



By stocking our permanent range, you will be going the next step from our non-permanent range.  Your clients will still need you to assist with their colour and length selection, but you will then also be adding the extensions in and get to see how marvelous the finished product looks.

Our permanent hair extensions range from weft, tape and micro bead extensions.  If you need some training on application of any of these styles, we have you covered! Simply tick the relevant box in your application to become a wholesaler.

Here's a quick rundown on the benefits of each technique:

Weft: These extensions are bundles of Remy hair that can be sewn, braided, weaved or beaded into the hair.

Tape: Our secure tape system means you can adhere each bundle of hair with our tape without causing damage to your hair and allowing your hair to grow.

Micro Bead:  Microbeads allow for greater integration into your client's own hair, as it is much smaller size bundles being attached to the hair with micro beads.

All extensions come in an amazing array of colours including balayage for those ladies with balayage wanting the extra inches of length.


As one of our wholesale stockist, you have the advantage of receiving a generous discount on all hair extensions, haircare and accessories.  Once you have registered we will take you through the discounted rates that you gain access to, they are seriously worth your consideration, trust me.

Here to help 

We are easily contactable and are always eager to help you with any part of your journey as one of our wholesale stockists. We want to hear it all, the good stuff and what you feel could change.

You can contact us by sending over an email to info@minquehair.com

One stop shop - Accessories and Haircare

wholesale hair extensions

We are a one stop shop, so we can help you fit out your whole shop not only with our wide range of gorgeous extensions, but also with our haircare ranges and accessories that will make your life easier.

We have several ranges of haircare to suit a myriad of client concerns.  The ranges we have are below:

Kiki Hydrate Range

This range is very hydrating on treated hair and is specially made to care for your client extensions. It includes shampoo, conditioner, mask, and a treatment.

18 in 1 Range

This range is superb at targeting unwanted colour changes including brassy and copper tones.  There are two ranges within this range to suite both issues above, the Ultra Violet Range and the Blue Range.

Fanola Range 

This is another great range to target unwanted brassy and copper tones, especially for those ladies with silver hues.  The ranges also cover both unwanted tones with No Yello and No Orange ranges.

Kerafill Range

The Kerfill range is perfect to stock if you provide keratin straightening in your salon.  These products are made to be used after the process is completed and will provide moisture locking goodness.  The range includes a shampoo, conditioner and a serum.

Colorplex Range

This range targets thin or damaged hair from the roots. Its unique formula means that your hair bonds are not only strengthened but fortified so to prevent damage occuring.  The range includes a bond creator, bond fortifier and hair and scalp treatment. 

 We also stock a huge range of accessories including Tangle Teezer brushes and elastic bands, great for snag-free styling.  Other accessories we stock include micro beads (silicone lined for ultimate comfort), tape replacement tabs, removal solution and many others.

For a comprehensive guide on all of the accessories we stock, please take a look at our accessories blog, which was just added to our site!



Gaining access to our trade prices and becoming a wholesaler is as easy as making sure that you are a current member of the Hair and Beauty Industry. We check this instantly upon registration.

If you meet the above criteria and are ready to add our range to your salon, please click on the below link to be taken to our wholesale hair extensions page.  We look forward to having a long and prosperous relationship with your fabulous salon! 

The process of becoming a Minque wholesaler is quick and pain-free.  There are a lot of reasons for you to consider us for your wholesale hair extensions needs, as we’ve gone through above included our quality, fabulous range, not only in extensions but also in hair accessories and tools.

You can also find us on Instagram or like us on Facebook - we're always happy to have new friends on social media.  

‘Til Next Time,
Yours In Hair
Minque x




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