Collection: 20-Inch Length Clip Ins


  • 100% AAA+ Remy Human Hair
  • High Quality Silicone Coated Clips
  • Quick And Easy To Apply
  • Silky Straight Finish
  • Can Be Straightened, Curled And Styled
  • Double Drawn And Thick From Top To Bottom
  • Quad Wefted
  • 5 Piece Set – 2 x 4” Wide, 2 x 6” Wide, 1 x 10” Wide
  • Clip In Hair Extensions are the most popular type of Hair Extensions. They are also the quickest and easiest type of Hair Extensions to apply! At Minque Hair Extensions we offer two very popular triple wefted, double drawn, premium quality sets of Clip In Hair Extensions:

    1. The Classic Set of 120gram Clip In Hair Extensions is recommended for those wanting to achieve a more natural result
    2. The Deluxe Set of 220gram Clip In Hair Extensions is recommended if you would like a full, thick and luxurious look (or if you have short or thick hair of your own to extend)

    Clip In Hair Extensions have become so popular because they are suitable for all hair types, and so easy to install. Clip In Hair extensions are suitable for any age, gender, ethnicity and hair density. 

    We all know that hair extensions serve two main purposes - to create the effect of longer hair and also to add more volume where desired. Clip In Extensions achieve exactly that, and when placed correctly and taken care of, people are unlikely to notice that you’re wearing any extensions at all. Your extensions will blend in with your natural hair as long as you choose the right colour and thickness for the style you’re hoping to achieve. Most Clip Ins last from six months to a year, depending on how frequently they’re worn. Clip In Hair Extensions take only five minutes to apply and maybe 30 seconds to take out, and are by far the quickest method of extensions out there. There are several advantages and benefits to Clip In Extensions, which is why they’re seen to be the most preferred technique of hair enhancement by both stylists and home users alike.

    Clip In Hair Extensions can transform your hair in a matter of minutes by adding length, volume or a pop of colour to your natural hair. Application only takes a matter of minutes, and can easily be done at home. Of course, if you’re not quite confident in the application process and would like a helping hand, pop into your local salon and have a hairdresser help you along! Clip In Hair Extensions attach to your natural hair using pressure sensitive clips, meaning they don’t cause any damage to your hair. More permanent methods of hair extensions can be super hard on your hair, resulting in long-term damage, breakage and in extreme cases, hair loss. Clip In Extensions are a safe alternative to help you avoid those nasty glues, toxic adhesives and harsh bonding solutions. Best of all, you can pop them on and take them out whenever you want to change your look at a moment's notice. Clip In Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for a quick and easy change of hairstyle. Use them to add length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow out, or add highlights by choosing a lighter colour without changing your own. 


    Here at Minque we offer a huge range of over 30 colours to choose from including –
    - 18 colours
    - 9 blended ombres
    - 3 perfect foiled blends 

    We offer a custom colour matching service! Simply send us a picture of your hair in natural light via our online chat box, or via email on the contact us page. Our experienced staff will help you choose your perfect match!

    It’s important to us at Minque Hair Extensions that we confidently provide our clients with 100% ethically sourced human hair collected from all over the world. We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest quality throughout the world and are dedicated to supplying you premium long lasting and lustrous Hair Extensions. 


    Like any method of hair extensions, clip-ins can be a little daunting to those who have never applied them before. Let us answer a few commonly asked questions that will hopefully help you out!


    While your initial instinct may be to match your natural hair to your extensions by root colour, that may not give you the best match. We recommend matching your Hair Extension colour to the colour of your natural hair tips, and opt for the colour that is most prominent throughout your own hair. With that being said, Clip In Hair Extensions are always a great way to create an ombré or balayage effect and other multi-coloured styles. Take, for example, Kylie Jenner and her teal tips. As long as your extensions are blended with a great style, you’re all set! Still not sure? Send us a photo on our online chat and we will match you!

    As it turns out, there’s no real telltale indicator for how much hair works for you and your natural head of hair. Put simply, it’s all a matter of preference. The basic rule of thumb is the shorter your hair is, the more grams you want your extensions to weigh to account for enough length and volume. Don't let the number of clips be an indicator of how much hair is in the package you choose, as each clip could be relatively lightweight. We recommend going by our above guide below -

    1. The Classic Set of 120gram Clip In Hair Extensions is recommended for those wanting to achieve a more natural result or if your hair is super fine
    2. The Deluxe Set of 220gram Clip In Hair Extensions is recommended if you would like a full, thick and luxurious look (or if you have short or thick hair of your own to extend)


    Typically, blunt cuts such as a bob or lob are also the most difficult styles to blend with Hair Extensions. Try wearing your hair wavy or curly, but not dead straight. Waves add a more natural look to clip-ins and help to hide any pesky bumps from the extensions. When you’ve finished styling your hair, always take a quick look at the back of your head in the mirror before heading off! Visit our Blog to find our favourite and easy hairstyles with Clip In Hair Extensions!

    For sure! Just as you would on your natural hair, you can straighten, curl, crimp and wave your Clip In Hair Extensions as much as your heart desires. They’re designed to be styled! Use your heating tool on the lowest setting, and make sure you use a heat protector!  Your options are endless.


    Since Clip In Hair Extensions are already available in such a huge range of shades and tones, we don’t recommend colouring your extensions unless you have to. If you need to colour your Hair Extensions, we believe it’s best to have them professionally coloured by a stylist who can perform a test sample first. Where possible, we also recommend using a semi-permanent colour as opposed to permanent as it is much gentler on your Hair Extensions. Also ask your stylist to wet your Hair Extensions before colouring them for a more consistent result!

    As a general guide, we recommend washing your Clip In Hair Extensions every 5 or so uses, or when you notice your styling products beginning to build up on the strands. This build up will usually be due to protectants, treatments, hairspray and mousses. Remember to treat your Hair Extensions as nicely as you would treat your natural locks!

    We don’t recommend wearing your Clip In Hair Extensions to bed. Sleeping with your Hair Extensions in may cause tangling, matting and/or damage to the clips - and potentially your natural hair if they pull during the night. We know it’s a huge effort to undo all of your hard work after a big night, but you’ll certainly increase the lifespan of your Hair Extensions by taking them out before rewarding yourself with that ever-important beauty sleep.

    Hopefully those commonly asked Q’s and frequently answered A’s shed a little more light on our popular Clip In Hair Extensions and the wearing/maintenance process! You might still be wondering about the benefits of choosing Clip In Extensions compared to the plethora of other methods on the market, so we’ve made it short and sweet for you…


    Not that we’re accusing any of you girls of being commitment-phobes like us, but one of our main reasons for loving clip-in extensions is because the change is only temporary! For some people, hair extensions are a treat for special occasions, whilst for others, they are an everyday necessity. Unlike glued or sewn in pieces, clip-ins allow you to have complete control over your lovely, long locks, meaning you can clip them and take them out whenever you want.

    If you are looking for a simple way to improve your casual daytime look, you can simply clip in a couple of extensions to add a little more volume or to boost your high and bouncy or sleek and low ponytail.


    If you’re chasing quick, easy and low maintenance Hair Extensions, Clip Ins are a great choice for you. Unlike other Hair Extensions that require professional stylists for application and removal, Clip In Hair Extensions are really very easy to wear and remove without needing an extra hand.

    Clip In Extensions are perfect for those girls looking for an extension method with no damage, or those girls whose hair has already been damaged by other Hair Extension processes. Unlike extensions that are glued or sewn in, Clip Ins will not cause any breakage, damage or thinning to your natural hair. 

    Well, there you have it. Our complete guide to Clip In Hair extensions for those girls looking to change up their look without needing to commit to something permanent. Clip I Ins are a fantastic product for both everyday wear and special occasions, providing you with total flexibility and creativity of your locks! 


    Choose your length, Colour and thickness of your new Hair Extensions, Easy peezy!