Collection: 20-Inch Length Halos

    Halo Hair Extensions 20" Inch Length

    • Premium quality human Hair Extensions
    • Innovative, damage free method
    • Halo Hair Extensions 20” inch length extends to your waist
    • Wear with your hair up or down
    • Great alternative to Clip in Hair Extensions
    • Simplest and quickest method to apply
    • Undetectable elasticated thread with secure grip
    • A silky straight finish
    • Can be straightened, curled and styled
    • Double drawn and thick from top to bottom


    1. The Classic Set of 120gram Halo Hair Extensions is recommended for those wanting to achieve a more natural result , or if your own hair is super fine.
    2. The Deluxe Set of 220gram Halo Hair Extensions is recommended if you would like a full, thick and luxurious look ,(or if you have short or thick hair of your own to extend).

    Halo Hair Extensions are an innovative, fun and all around amazing product. Halo Hair Extensions were designed to be temporary alternatives to bonding, gluing, taping, clipping or weaving, and for that reason alone - we love them! Not only are they easy to apply in a matter of seconds, they are also virtually undetectable and suitable for just about every hair type and style, what a bonus!

    Your Halo Hair Extensions are fitted to an invisible wire that is worn on top of your hair, just like a halo, with your own natural hair being pulled through and over the wire. So simple and easy to use, Halo Extensions are great for those with commitment issues (guilty!) as you can pop your Halo on and off as often as you like while you are guaranteed to look totally glamorous and completely natural. Halo Hair Extensions literally take thirty seconds to apply and about ten seconds to remove, making them one of the most low-maintenance extensions methods to ever exist. Halo Hair Extensions are also incredibly comfortable to wear as the wire is both lightweight and thin, and we can promise that the Halo will cause absolutely no damage to your natural hair. What’s even more exciting is that Halo Extensions do not require the use of any clips or beads, and even more importantly, they don’t require any heat or adhesives. Halo extensions are simply fastened by placing your Halo on the scalp and gently securing it with the lightweight wire that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Each wire can be easily adjusted to the shape of your scalp, ensuring a seamlessly perfect fit with each and every wear!

    Here are our 3 top reasons for loving our Halo Hair Extensions:

    Secure and Comfortable
    The easily adjustable frame of the Halo allows the hairpiece to fit nice and snugly around your head, under your hair, and away from anyone’s view. The Halo sits on the perfect angle, neatly tucked under your occipital bone (I know right, what the?!). Where it will be steady and secure, guaranteed to stay in place. You and your Halo will be just like those friends who are joined at the hip, but in this case – your head.

    Totally natural looking
    Each Halo can be modified to create the perfect thickness and weight balance, ensuring it will naturally blend with your hair. We recommend having layers cut within your hairpiece to ensure it blends even better with your natural locks.

    Cares for your hair
    The Halo is gentle. Like we said, the Halo doesn't need to be attached to your hair with any heavy clips or toxic glues. Better still looking after you lovely long locks is easier than ever,  with our hair accessories. Other types of Hair Extensions can place a lot of stress on your hair, which may ultimately lead to breakage or those dreaded bald spots. The Halo totally minimises the risk of all these horror stories.

    So, "Are Halo Hair Extensions for me?"... And it's a great question, and one worth thinking about. By no means are we suggesting that the Halo Hair Extensions is the one-size-fits-all solution to every hair problem to exist within the world. Truthfully, though, most girls LOVE the Halo. With that said, like any other product out there, there are some people who feel as though the Halo isn’t quite right for them and their needs. In most cases, this is usually because the owner backs away from the Halo before giving it a proper chance. Sure, it can and most likely WILL feel a little different to begin with, especially if you’ve worn Hair Extensions that have required clips, glues and other adhesives. It might take a week to get used to, but we truly believe the Halo is worth the investment. Put simply, The Halo has caused a revolution within the Hair Extensions market. The Halo is an affordable, time efficient solution to most of the pet-hates that are found with regular Hair Extensions.

    So, how does the Halo stack up to other methods of hair extensions?

    Let’s explore the reasons why so many girls are opting for the Halo over other alternatives, and let’s compare the Halo with other common extensions methods such as tape, clip-ins and wefts. As we all know, hair extensions have become a vital accessory for women looking to enhance their hair with little fuss. But, just like all the other hair and beauty procedures out there, there will always be pros and cons. We hope this little comparison list sheds a little light on how each extension method differs from one to the next.

    1. Tape Hair Extensions
      Tape Hair Extensions are sections of hair which are taped to your natural hair with a glue or other adhesive. Tape Hair Extensions are one of the more popular methods of permanent Hair Extensions are often easily detectable as you move your hair and play with different styles, and they tend to be more noticeable as your hair starts to grow out. Tape Hair Extensions require a moderate amount of maintenance and will need to be raised by your hairdresser every month or so. We recommend regular deep conditioning treatments for anyone opting for Tape Hair Extensions.
    2. Weft Hair Extensions
      Wefts are a ream of hair that is permanently weaved into your natural hair, secured tightly to the root. Wefts are often uncomfortable for girls to wear as they are bigger pieces of hair and are quite tight. Additionally, Weft Hair Extensions can be quite hard to keep clean and well managed. As Weft Extensions are fastened to your hair, they will need to be raised every 6 weeks as your hair grows out. Weft Hair Extensions are very popular for women with really thick hair wanting a more permanent method of Hair Extensions.
    3. Clip In Hair Extensions
      The jury is still out with Clip In Hair Extensions. Some girls love them and swear by them for luscious locks, and some tend to stay as far away from Clip In Extensions as possible. It’s totally down to personal preference, and we want you to be able to make your own decision. Clip In Hair Extensions win in terms of convenience as they can be both applied and removed quite easily, all by yourself.
    4. Halo Hair Extensions
      As explained earlier, Halo Hair Extensions are a one-piece Hair Extension secured by a clear, thin wire and worn by placing it on your head and pulling your own hair up and through the fitting. Halo Hair Extensions are generally thicker than most other extensions, making them a great option for achieving both volume and length in one easy step. The Halo is suitable for every day wear and casual use, but also a fantastic choice for special events where you want a little extra oomph in your hair, but no fear of your hair extensions being detected by those around you. The Halo will not damage your hair and doesn’t require any clips or dangerous adhesives. Halo hair extensions provide an easy and almost instant alternative to other extensions, guaranteed to provide a natural and long lasting result.

    Okay, so you’ve done your research and you’ve opted for the Halo – What next?

    Our first recommendation is to ensure that you choose a Halo which matches your natural hair. To check that your colours match, remove the Halo from its packaging and hold it under your natural hair. Your Halo will sit UNDERNEATH your natural hair, all you need to do is make sure that your ends blend nicely with the colour of your Halo. Don’t stress if your ends aren’t exactly the same shade or tone, as a tonal difference will actually enhance the Halo Hair Extensions when it is cut and styled, blending beautifully with your natural colour.

    Something that a lot of girls don’t realise is that you can actually colour your Halo Hair Extensions. Halo Hair Extensions are made with only the highest quality hair, meaning the product is soft and durable, just like your own hair. Due to the high quality nature of the Hair Extensions, colouring should be a breeze. It is best to avoid bleaching your Hair Extensions or colouring them too often, and we recommend avoiding extreme colour changes (such as platinum blonde to dark brown). Instead, you can certainly enhance your Hair Extensions by toning them to achieve and ashy or warmer shade, and even a few shades darker if you desire.  Another trick of the trade is that you can actually thicken the hair on your Halo! Your Halo will arrive industrially straightened - which is great. With that said, because just like normal hair, your Halo Hair Extensions will thicken up when you wash them. Finish with a quick blow dry or leave to dry naturally and voilà, double thickness!

    So, now you know all the secrets of optimising your Halo Hair Extensions. What next? Wearing them, of course! We’ve saved the best fun until last. Simply pop on your Halo and place it where you’d like it to sit, and start pulling your natural hair through and over the wire. If you find that your Halo is popping off your head when you wear it, adjust the size! Once you find the perfect fit, we guarantee you’ll be hooked. 

    If you have any other questions related to the Halo Hair Extensions feel free to contact us or refer to our FAQ page. 

    We’d love to hear from you girls and see your Halo hairdo’s live in action! Feel free to tag us on Instagram - @minquehairextensions